Aqua Sphere Kayenne
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A very well designed, comfortable goggle. Available in a variety of colors, sizes and lens shades. A clever use of packaging that doubles as a case to store your goggles in.


We would love for the lenses to stay "fog" free, but then again, we haven't found any goggles that offer this.


A TriBomb favorite!

Detailed Review

The Kayenne excels in the most important areas when it comes to a truly great goggle.

These goggles are very comfortable. We wore these goggles for all of our daily training in the pool and even in extended sessions of more than an hour of wear they remained comfortable and leak free.

We have worn these goggles in pretty much every situation you can imagine and visibility is very good. In fact, we feel these goggles really stand out in open water situations. The oversized lens makes for a very unobstructed view. While, oversized they don’t give the look that you’re toeing the starting line with last year's scuba gear (we've all seen that guy).

One of the best systems we’ve seen. A push button retention system that Aqua Sphere calls the Quick-Fit Buckle™, which allows you to adjust the fit with ease. Basically you can shorten or lengthen your goggle straps by simply pushing a button and pulling the strap in or out to the desired fit. This system also allows adjustment independently right side vs. left side. Another thing we noticed is that these goggles don't seem to have to be as tight as other goggles to provide a leak free fit.

Price Range
These are definitely not the cheapest goggles on the market such as the sweedish versions, but they are not the most expensive either. They seem to fall in the mid to high price range for goggles. But with the extended durability of these goggles, the product is well worth the price.

Bottom Line
The true test for any triathlete's gear is how it performs on race day and once again the Kayenne delivers. After putting the Kayenne's through the paces in both training and racing we have yet to come across a better goggle. We highly recommend giving these a try.