SPI Belt
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A belt that is designed to carry Small Personal Items hence the name SPIbelt.


The pouch is pretty thin in order to be expandable. We are a little concerned about it's durability. If you overload the belt it will flop around a little but under normal circumstances it stays put very well.


A good idea and a handy way to carry small items when training without looking like you just stepped out of 1985.

Detailed Review

The SPIbelt (Small Personal Items) belt is a new, considerably less dorky take on the fanny pack. It's basically an elastic belt similar to a race number belt that has a small zippered pouch sewn onto it. There are all sorts of styles and colors to choose from.

TriBomb tested this belt in training and racing situations and it performed as advertised for the most part. It's a great place to carry things, especially when you don't have pockets. You can carry keys, ipod, gels, cell phone etc. and the belt keeps it snug enough that it doesn't flop around all over the place.

Our favorite use of this belt is to add the race number toggles to make this a race number belt that doubles as a handy place to stash gels and electrolytes. The zippered pocket is stretchy enough to carry plenty of nutrition to get you through the bike and run portions of long distance triathlons. The pocket itself is hardly noticeable especially with a race number in front of it. So you don't have to worry about being the "fanny pack guy."

The belt itself is very adjustable and it fits like a race number belt. The belt has a lot of stretch to it and it works best when adjusted to be quite snug, especially when carrying items in the pouch.

Price Range
Competitively priced. About the same as similar products from other manufacturers.

TriBomb Bottom Line
Does it work? Yeah! It works great.


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