CycleOps 2012 Lineup
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CycleOps 2012

Take a look at some of the new power goodies that CycleOps will offer in 2012.

Detailed First Look

Another booth on our short list of "must sees" was the CycleOps booth, we have been eagerly awaiting the opportunity to review the new Joule GPS. That's not the only new product CycleOps had to show us though.

The new Joule GPS head unit looks very cool.

The new G3 hub has lost some weight (weighing in at about 325g) and gained some pretty cool features. The G3 can be built with the ENVE 45mm or 65mm carbon tubular wheels for a very light weight power setup. A new removeable end cap houses the majority of the electronics as well as a user replaceable battery.

This should eliminate the need to send in the entire hub to fix many routine maintenance issues. The CycleOps guys were pretty excited about this new development, as will anyone who has had to send in their entire hub to get it serviced and be without it while they wait The end cap only takes a few seconds to remove and appears to be very user friendly.

The end cap removed from the hub

The idea is that local shops can stock the replaceable end caps and make this process pain free. Just remove the end cap and take it to your LBS and swap it out, and you can be back on the road in no time.

Another new addition to the CycleOps lineup is the PowerCal, a heart rate based power meter. The idea is basically you would go to your LBS and do a baseline test to establish your power zones in accordance with your heart rate. You would then go back occasionally to adjust those numbers.

The CycleOps reps told us they feel like this is an inexpensive way for beginners to break into the power meter market. As of now, they are claiming 9% accuracy, which is a rather broad range. It is ANT+ compatible so that it can be paired with many displays.

We'll have reviews as soon as demo units are available.

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