Rudy Project Hypermask and Windmax
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Rudy Project 2012

Get our thoughts on the new Hypermask sunglasses as well as the new Windmax helmet.

Detailed First Look


Rudy Project Hypermask and Hypermask Performance
This will be the new and improved (we hope) Sportmask. The problem with these super lightweight minimal designs is their durability, or lack thereof. The new Hypermask continues the very lightweight tradition of the Sportmask and its frameless design. Weighing in at less than an ounce.

We spoke to the guys at Rudy about the problems with the sport mask and it's fragility, and yes, they are very much aware of the problem. The Rudy guys assured us that the new design addresses the durability issues and they are excited to get it out to us for testing... as are we.

Tony Martin in the new Hypermask

They feel the Sportmask has not been representative of the Rudy brand and the typical quality they produce, and we agree. The Sportmask is a great solution for a pair of sunglasses that work really well in the aero position. The frame-less design makes for a completely unobstructed view. We have enjoyed the Sportmask minus the breakage issues.

The new Hypermask will be available in two models the Hypermask and Hypermask Performance (basically the addition of a brow interface). The two models will come in a rainbow of frame and lens options. Frame options include Crystal, Frozen Ash, and Black Gloss for the Hypermask. The Performance model comes in Silver Gloss, White Green, Yellow Fluo, and Black Gloss. Lenses include Multilaser Red, Multilaser Green, or Multilaser Purple, and Smoke Black for the Hypermask and Photochromic Laser Racing Red, Multilaser Blue or Green, Laser Black, Transparent, and Yellow in the Performance model. You also get Rudy's Lifetime Replacement Lens Guarantee and 3 year frame warranty, which in our experience, is one of the best in the business. Any issues we've had with Rudy have been handled quickly and painlessly.

The option we are most excited to try is the new Racing Red photochromic lens option. This lens features ImpactX technology. These lenses are lightweight and unbreakable (always a good quality in a pair of sunglasses that will probably take a beating) and are supposed to be some of the best lenses out there at adapting to different light conditions.

Another product from Rudy that we are excited to get our hands on is the all new Windmax helmet. This is Rudy's newest top of the line road helmet and it looks very cool.

We will have an early look at this helmet (available late 2011) in the very near future. The Windmax features a lightweight, well ventilated design. There are 21 massive air vents in this helmet and weight is supposed to be in the 250g range. We'll have a TRI-al Run Review posted in time for you to have it at your disposal before you order.

The new Windmax will feature Rudy's latest RSR8 retention dial system and FASTEX buckle system. The helmet also includes a bug stopper net and two sets of pads, two visors for mountain or road use (that we suggest you leave in the box) and a microfiber helmet bag. Look for more information about this helmet in the coming weeks.

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