K-Swiss Blade Light Recover
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A very lightweight shoe with features designed to promote recovery.


More color options.


We love the feel of these shoes, especially after a hard run or race. We also like that you can wear them out in public without looking like a complete idiot (not the case with all recovery products).

Detailed Review

There's no doubt about it, comfort is what this shoe is all about. From the first time we slipped a pair of these shoes on we were sold. In fact, it's hard to put a pair of these on for the first time and not have a little bit of a smile come across your face. The slipper-like feel of these shoes have to be taken for a "test drive" to truly be appreciated.

We love to slip these shoes on after a tough workout or throw them in our transition bag for after a race. The inside of the shoe is seamless and super soft, perfect for going sockless. The insole of the Blade-Lightrecover feels like a cushy foam pillow for your feet. The sole of this shoe is a spongy soft version of the blade sole used on other K-Swiss shoes. We have not been fans of this sole on other shoes but we actually like it for this application. The extra "give" of this sole adds nicely to the overall comfort of the shoe.

The outside of the shoe is made of a soft material with a non-rigid heel that makes the shoe very easy to put on and take off. There are no laces on this shoe. Instead there's an elastic band that stretches across the top of the foot that keeps the shoe in place. K-Swiss calls this band a "compression sleeve" that is meant to promote circulation. We didn't find the sleeve to be tight enough to provide any real compression benefit but it does provide a comfortable fit.

While we were immediately sold on the comfort of these shoes, we were a little skeptical about the whole recovery aspect. It's hard to say what really works in regard to many recovery products but these shoes are uber-comfortable. At TriBomb we're all for anything that makes it easier to get from one training session to the next. We think they are a nice addition to your recovery product stockpile. You can comfortably wear these shoes after a race or while out running errands. They look like normal shoes for the most part on the outside but your feet will feel the difference on the inside.

Our experience is that most K-Swiss running shoes seem to be true to size. If you are having any doubt, you can print their Fit Guide to make certain you are ordering the correct size.

Price Range
Pretty inexpensive given the fact that you can wear them pretty much anywhere you'd wear a traditional pair of shoes.

TriBomb Bottom Line
At TriBomb we've seen (and tried) just about every kind of recovery product out there. After several weeks of wear we are happy to report that this shoe is Da Bomb.


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