Sheex Sleep Sax
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A super comfortable and highly technical sleep "sax" that is designed to help improve your sleep while on the road.


A two person model so no one feels left out.


There will always be room in our travel bag for the Sleep Sax from Sheex.

Detailed Review

As athletes, we have all heard it. The best form of recovery is sleep. That's when your body goes to work in repairing all the damage you have inflicted upon it throughout the day. So, it only makes sense to look at a product that is designed specifically to improve your sleep quality. We have been trying out the Sheex Sleep Sax for quite some time now.

First, a little about the company and their products. While we will be reviewing the Sleep Sax, they also offer full bedding options and a few other items. Sheex is a company that was founded by two women, both former college basketball coaches. Their idea for creating Sheex makes perfect sense and also makes you think, "Why didn't I think of that?". The idea is simple, all of the latest and greatest apparel is made with breathable and soft, comfortable material. So, why not take that technology and apply it to bedding? Well, that's exactly what they did.

The Sleep Sax is designed with travel in mind. The easiest way to describe it is to say it is a very thin sleeping bag.

So, basically it is a gigantic sack with a built in pocket for you to place your pillow. Now at first glance, you might think, "Why would I want that?". Being the germophobes that we are, it was an easy decision for us. Almost every race we go to is out of town and involves staying in a hotel. Do you really trust that the sheets, pillow cases, etc are clean? If they are clean, were they cleaned by some super strong chemical that was diluted just enough not to eat your skin away? And if that's not the case, you know they aren't the soft, comfy sheets your are used to sleeping in at home. If you take your Sleep Sax with you, you don't have to worry about any of that. On the down side, your significant other probably won't be thrilled when you bust out the Sleep Sax, although there is plenty of room for two in there, so maybe there isn't a down side.

Below is a graphic straight from the Sheex website that illustrates what the material is designed to do.

A simple way of describing it is to say they are intended to do exactly what your running shirt does. Be breathable. Be moisture wicking. Be comfortable. Regulate temperature. Be durable. According to research from Sheex, your temperature directly effects your sleep. The body temperature drops right before falling asleep and traditional sheets trap that heat in while the Sheex fabric breathes and allows you to sleep at a more natural and comfortable temperature. So, what did we think?

(No, the model does not come with the Sleep Sax)

We definitely didn't bring out the digital thermometers and electronically record temperatures of our bodies inside the sack, but we did sleep good. The minute you slide in the Sleep Sax (it is kind of weird sleeping in a sack), you notice the feel of the fabric and how soft it is. There is really no way to describe the softness without feeling it for yourself. And we do believe the temperature regulation and breathability works. It has to if you are sleeping in a sack and are not hot or uncomfortable.

The Sleep Sax is 44" wide by 84" long. The fabric is a combination of 82% Microfiber Polyester, 18% Lycra© Spandex. It can also be folded into a very compact and light bundle for traveling. It is machine washable and most importantly it is MADE IN THE USA (well of imported materials).

You can choose from 3 colors:

Price Range
The Sheex products are moderately priced for high end bedding.

TriBomb Bottom Line
A must have for the traveling athlete, which is pretty much all of us. It makes comfortable sleep one less thing to worry about before the big race.

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