Zensah High Compression Shorts
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A completely seamless, extremely supportive pair of compression shorts.


A few more Zensah compression products in our closet.


Some of the best compression shorts we've tested to date.

Detailed Review

We all know how a long training session can feel even longer when you have a piece of clothing that just isn't up to par. This is especially true of the garments we wear under our training gear. Whether you call it underwear, a base-layer, or an under garment, we all know that comfort is king when training, especially when the duration is extended.

We recently received some samples of Zensah's High Compression Shorts. Big deal, another pair of spandex to add to the laundry pile. Right?...Guess again! We were pleasantly surprised by the fit, the feel, and the comfort of these shorts.

Zensah uses a blend of 85% Polyamide and 15% Elastan. This material is then woven into a three dimensional knit to produce a completely seamless garment (no seams = awesome). The knit also incorporates raised ribbing to enhance circulation and provide a massaging effect.

A close-up of the ribbed material

After you've worn the shorts for a while and you take them off, your legs look a little bit like a waffle. The material is fairly thick but stretches to be pretty thin and soft up against the skin, it's also moisture wicking to help keep you dry and to aid in thermal regulation. The shorts are also anti-microbial to keep the stankyness to a minimum.

The Zensah compression shorts are some of the most comfortable shorts we have tested. The seamless design coupled with just the right amount of compression have already made these a TriBomb favorite.

These shorts are tight (high compression probably gave that away) and very supportive they also stay in place quite well. When you put these on you definitely know that you have on compression gear. It's not uncomfortably tight by any means, in fact it's the exact opposite. Tight and supportive but also completely nonrestrictive from a range of motion standpoint. We are all for compression and the benefits that can be attained by using it. Whether it's for recovery or for performance there are plenty of benefits to be had. Among other things, compression helps improve circulation and reduce muscle vibration during activity by stabilizing the muscle tissue.

One of the main things to consider when using compression during activity is that the level of compression is right. Too tight and you can restrict blood flow, too loose and you might as well not even bother. We spoke to a Zensah rep. about the mmHg (millimeters of mercury) measurement that most compression garments use to measure the level of compression. We were told that "there are no specified measurements, Zensah offers an optimal level of compression for athletes to help circulation and help prevent muscle injuries". We aren't sure what exactly is "optimal" but Zensah seems to have just the right amount of compression in our opinion.

In fact our first test run in these shorts was about 15 miles and there were no issues whatsoever. Not the way you want to test many products right out of the box, but as soon as you try these shorts on you can just tell they are going to be uber comfortable.

We've had these briefs only a brief time, relatively speaking, but quality seems to be very good. We have used these shorts for several weeks now, and with frequent use and frequent washing no problems have been detected.

Sizing seems to be right on and it's based on waist size.
XS/S 28 and below
S/M 29 - 32
L/XL 33 and up

Price Range
Very competitively priced when compared to similar quality compression shorts.

TriBomb Bottom Line
We don't want to run without them.

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