Bolle Tempest
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Shades designed from the ground up, specifically aimed performance cyclists, from a company with more than 120 years of experience.


A slightly less bulky top frame for better vision in the aero position.


Lightweight, comfortable, and durable make these an excellent choice for your everyday cycling needs.

Detailed Review

The Tempest is one of the 5 new models in the just released Competitor line from Bolle. The entire Competitor line was designed from scratch with serious cyclists in mind. Of the 5, the Tempest has the most minimalistic profile. With that being said, these glasses work much better with small to medium faces (sorry fat heads). Actually, they make a pair for your large faced folks too that we will review soon.

The complete Competitor line features a lot of hidden technology that make them top of the line glasses.

First is the Bolle Optics Control System. Fancy jargon for interchangeable lenses.

This is not necessarily breakthrough technology, but Bolle has put a lot of time and research into making this an efficient system. If you have ever tried to replace lenses in cheaper glasses you may have snapped the frame or had problems getting the lens to stay in place. With the Bolle system, lens replacement is quick and easy, so you don't have any of the headaches mentioned above.

Next is the B-Clear lens technology. This is something that you truly have to see to experience the benefits.

Bolle uses a Trivex lens material that provides ultimate clarity. When we put the glasses on, we could instantly notice the clarity vs. standard lenses. Similar to the first time you wear Polarized glasses vs. regular shades. This material is also super lightweight as well as highly impact resistant. Another cool feature about the lenses, they have a dual sided hydrophobic coating on them which keeps the spots/streaks from perspiration to a minimum, something that is very nice on those long hot rides. This coating also makes them very easy to clean.

Bolle has developed 3 lens families that each are targeted at specific environments:

Eclipse Photochromic - Automatically lighten and darken to adapt to the ever-changing conditions. From wide open roads to tree-lined lanes and everything in between, these lenses are constantly adapting to enhance optical clarity.

Element All-Purpose - Provide a consistently crisp view. Developed and manufactured to exacting standards, each lens constantly transmits a precise amount of visible light, while a variety of lens tints allows athletes to choose their ideal color for peak performance.

Horizon Polarized - Eliminate blinding glare from reflective surfaces, resulting in laser-like focus.

The frame material is a type of nylon that is very light and durable. Bolle has also added specific temple ventilation which also cuts down on the weight. Below you can see a good shot of the vents.



Color Options:

In our extended use of the Tempest glasses we have been pleased overall. They seem to be a great choice for throwing on and hitting the road. They are not the best choice for the aero position as the top of the frame is somewhat bulky and obstructs your vision.

Price Range
The Tempest seems to fall right in line with other sport specific, top quality glasses.

TriBomb Bottom Line
The Tempest is a highly technical, yet very functional pair of glasses that we will be wearing on many more rides.

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