Zoot Advantage WR Shoe
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A daily trainer with all the features of Zoot shoes plus a water resistant upper for wet conditions.


The same water resistant upper in a more neutral, minimalistic shoe.


A good choice for runners who require more stability on those wet, nasty days.

Detailed Review

We have been testing out the Zoot Advantage WR for quite some time now. In case you're still wondering what the WR stands for...it's Water Resistant. So, these shoes are designed for the specific purpose of running through puddles or slushy roads as the snow is melting. Basically, they eliminate any excuses you might make for not getting your tail outside to go for a run.

We can start with the upper. On the inside, it features a very soft and snug fit that can easily be worn sockless. On the outside, well, you can see for yourself. It is definitely water resistant.

We ran water directly on it for several minutes and the inside of the shoe was completely dry.

Zoot uses a ZCR carbon outsole (notice the carbon plate) which is intended to give you a little extra spring during the toe off. You will also notice they have added a little extra traction to this shoe for wet conditions.

Zoot has also continued with their asymmetrical lacing design on the Advantage WR. This design is intended to give you a better, more snug fit for sockless running. In our testing, it does seem to help.

The Advantage WR has a 10mm drop from heel to toe. It is a fairly light shoe, considering it is designed for all weather running, weighing in at 10.4 oz (Size 9 1/2).

It also features the hole in the tongue as well as a heel pull just in case you are ever inclined to use this shoe in T2.

The Ride
The shoe feels really good on your foot, whether it is with or sans socks. It is definitely more of a stability shoe, which is not the MO at TriBomb. The minute you take your first step, you can feel the firmness of the shoe. Even though we do not prefer stability type shoes, due to the lightness and comfort of this shoe, we were able to test in on many runs.

All Weather Running
We would have to recommend this for colder running or, as it is designed for, wet, nasty conditions. The upper does not seem to breath as well, probably because it is water resistant. So, it does not make for a great choice on hot days.

The shoe seems to have held up well during our testing. We are anxious to test it throughout the winter and see how it holds up.

Seems true to size.

Price Range
As most of Zoot's shoes, the Advantage falls into the higher end of pricing.

TriBomb Bottom Line
A good choice when conditions call for a little more rugged shoe.

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