Leg Lube Shaving Gel
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A compact and well thought out chain oil lube shaped bottle, full of some of the best shaving gel we have ever tried.


A larger option that is not intended to be carried during travel.


Finally, something men and women can agree on...well those that shave at least.

Detailed Review

Shaving sucks for the most part, Right? Especially when you have to cover a large area like the legs (ladies, we don't know how y'all do it everyday, but thank you). But for many triathletes and preferably all women (no ladies, hairy legs aren't sexy) it's a necessary evil. So, at TriBomb we are all about any product that can make that experience a little less painful.

We first met Austin Baskett (founder of Leg Lube) at Interbike, he asked if we would be willing to try Leg Lube for a review on TriBomb. Admittedly, we were there for the bikes and all the geeked out tri-gear, but this little bottle of awesomeness turned out to be one of our favorite products from the show.

All you triathletes and cyclists will certainly be familiar with the packaging. Leg Lube comes in a cleverly disguised and very convenient "chain lube" bottle. This dispenser actually works great, and is just the right size for travel. Even if you are flying to your next race, the Leg Lube packaging is TSA approved for flight travel, so don't blame us if you get felt up at the airport.

It's the name of the game. We've been testing Leg Lube for quite a while now and we're sold. It's a great product. We haven't experienced any issues in terms of ingrown hairs, razor burn, or rashes, and some of us have pretty sensitive skin.

Austin, the founder, took his experience from being the VP of Marketing for American Crew and combined it with his passion for cycling to create what we think is a magic formula. Instead of busting out the lab coats and pretending to be chemists to breakdown the ingredients in Leg Lube, we will just give you a little feedback on our actual use of the product.

Once Austin explained to us that the Chain Lube type container makes the perfect dispenser for his product, we had to give it a try. You simply make a bead down your leg (or other area you are shaving) and the rub the gel in. You will instantly notice the scent, which is not overpowering. It's just clean and fresh. And that's how your legs feel when you are finished shaving. Something in the Leg Lube creates this little tingling feeling that leaves the skin feeling great.

The only size offered now is the 100ml, travel friendly bottle. This is great, but we feel it would be nice to be able to order a large bottle that you intend to keep in the shower. Seems like it might be more cost effective and a little easier on the environment by using a few less containers.

Leg Lube is definitely not a "half ass" product targeted at cycling and endurance athletes with hopes of making a quick buck. It seems that every detail from the formula of the gel, to the container which holds it, has been well thought out.

Price Range
We feel like the price is very fair on Leg Lube. The 100ml lasts a very long time (for us anyways).

The perfect potion for all your manscaping (or lady-scaping) duties. We think it's daBomb of shave gels.

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