Hincapie Fluid Custom Triathlon Apparel
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Some sweet custom tri-gear (if you design it that way).


Compression bands at the legs instead of the leg "grippers".


Some of the best tri-specific clothing we've come across.

Detailed Review

Hincapie Sportswear is truly a family affair, Rich and George's aunt and uncle actually run the production in Colombia. This "mom and pop" shop mentality is evident throughout the Hincapie organization. Our dealings with the Hincapie staff have been top notch all the way. If you are looking for a company to trust with your custom tri clothing needs give the folks at Hincapie a call. We've been very pleased with the products as well as the professionalism that we've experienced with this brand.

High quality 260g Lycra with vented mesh panels. The Hincapie gear is nice and soft and also provides a good deal of support.

Another great feature is the mesh panels that provide that extra bit of ventilation for those days when the heat is on.

A side view of the mesh panels.

Back view

The mesh panels continue all the way down to the legs.

We've said it before, comfort is king. It's not that difficult to find some relatively comfortable tri-gear that gets the job done. Let's face it, most of the triathlon specific clothing out there uses Lycra of some variety, they toss in a thin "chamois" that you can actually stand to run in and voila tri-specific clothing is born. At TriBomb we're not satisfied with tri gear that is "good enough" to get by with, we want more.

We all know that many times real comfort comes in the small details that often go unnoticed (unless there's a problem). Hincapie has done all the little things right. From the zipper with a material backing to protect your skin, to the superior tri-specific chamois, to the vented mesh panels, comfort is covered.

We feel this is an area that is often overlooked in many triathlon bottoms. The pad in the Hincapie gear is a little more than the thin piece of fleece that a lot of other tri-specific bottoms choose to use.

The Hincapie Tri pad

A typical thin fleece tri "pad". Which one would you rather sit on for 112 miles?

Hincapie goes the extra distance in this category so you can go the extra distance in your races. A feature that you (and your uh...sensitive areas) will surely appreciate at the end of a long bike split. We have worn the Hincapie tri gear in every distance from sprints to Ironman and we can tell you that it is by far some of the best clothing we have worn (custom or otherwise).

The pockets of the Hincapie gear are nice and compact. You can carry a few essentials and that's it. If you are looking for giant sized cycling jersey type pockets, look elsewhere.

The one thing we would really love to see is the addition of compression bands in the legs, rather than the old school leg grippers.

They aren't really uncomfortable but we would love to have the compression type bands that Hincapie has incorporated into their cycling bibs.

Hincapie and quality seem to go hand in hand. In our experience the quality has been very good. Do you really think we would have our TriBomb kits made from Hincapie if it sucked?...Don't think so. Our clothing has held up for us extremely well through lots of use and many washes the stuff still looks great.

In our experience Hincapie clothing has been true to size. There are a ton of size options as you can see from the charts below, if Hincapie doesn't have a size that fits you...find a new sport.

Price Range
Very competitive, in fact, if you go the custom route you may end up spending far less per item than you would buying off the rack. Hincapie also has some of the lowest minimums for custom clothing that we have come across.

If you are looking for a company to do a stellar job for your custom tri clothing needs give Hincapie a tri :)

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