Pearl Izumi syncroFuel XC
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A light weight durable trail shoe that doesn't feel like you have bricks on your feet.


A little more flexibility in the shoe would be a nice compliment to the light weight.


A perfect addition to your running shoe collection that will encourage you to hit the trails.

Detailed Review

At only 10 ounces the Pearl Izumi syncroFuel XC weighs in lighter than some road shoes. We believe in the "less is more" philosophy for running shoes. So, this was the perfect choice when looking for a trail shoe. It provides all the support and protection needed from a trail shoe while still coming in at a very light weight.

If you have ever experimented with trail shoes, you know that most are heavy, clunky shoes that feel like they are only meant for the trails, if even that. This is not the case with the Pearl Izumi syncroFuel XC. Pearl Izumi has put a lot of thought into the comfort of these shoes.

The sole of the shoe provides just enough stability and cushioning to make you feel comfortable on the trail while not having that feeling of running on marshmallows. The heel of the shoe actually features a Skydex "crash pad". Skydex ( is a patented cushioning and protective material, adds shock absorption and vibration dampening properties to diverse products ranging from blast mitigating flooring in the latest military vehicles to athletic compression shorts. Learn something every day, huh?

The inside of the shoe features a seamless upper which makes it almost impossible to form any blisters or irritation. It is comfortable enough to be worn sockless, but we wouldn't recommend this on the trails.

The mesh on the toe box as well as the tongue and the sides of the shoe provide plenty of breath-ability for hot, long days on the trail. Trust us, we have tested these on a 100+ day for a 3 hour run.

We have over 6 months of trail running on these shoes and if we cleaned them up a bit, they would be as good as new. We haven't noticed any breakdown in the shoes and our trails are probably in worse condition than most.

We were unable to locate a sizing chart for Pearl Izumi, but they do run pretty true to size. No need to size up or down.

Price Range
The Pearl Izumi syncroFuel XC is in the higher range for a trail shoe. But, you get what you pay for. This shoe is worth the money.

TriBomb Bottom Line
A great addition to your running shoe collection that will encourage you to diversify your training by hitting the trails.


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