Timex Sleek 150
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A very thin, very sleek watch with Timex TapScreen technology.


Better performance in the water.


A cool watch for everyday wear. There are better options for a performance driven watch.

Detailed Review

The Timex Ironman Sleek 150 is a super thin addition to the Ironman watch line. We found this watch to be very comfortable for daily wear as well as for training purposes. There are certainly more high tech options out there, but for someone looking for a basic watch with basic functions for time, splits, and a 150 lap memory it's a useful watch.

The Sleek 150 is just that...very sleek, the nice thin profile is one of the things we liked most about this watch.

The large display is also a nice touch.

The person who actually requested this review was interested in the watch for swimming. We thought it sounded like a good idea as well, especially with the TapScreen Technology. For those of you who don't know, the TapScreen feature does exactly what it sounds like it does. Instead of fumbling around with a small lap button, you simply tap the screen of the watch to start the next split. It's a pretty cool idea in theory, but our testing produced mixed results at best.

Swimming with this watch is where we experienced the most frustration. We thought the tap screen would be a simple way to record laps while swimming. However, when we actually got in the pool with the watch it became painfully obvious that this watch wasn't cut out for the water. Oh, it's water resistant and all,

and it's display is nice and large for good visibility under the water, but the TapScreen is truly annoying while swimming. The problem is the sensitivity of the tap screen and the force needed to make the watch take the next split. It's constantly taking splits throughout your swim so you may end up with 27 laps at the end of a 500. There are 3 levels of adjustment

but regardless of where we set the force we couldn't find a setting that would work while swimming. Even on the hardest setting the watch continuously added lots of extra laps while swimming. Not only annoying but next to impossible to keep track of your workout when you are trying to hit a specific time for your sets. The one setting we found to be missing from the watch was an option to turn the tap feature off. Granted, that would kind of defeat the purpose of the tap screen, but at least you could use it in the pool.

Beyond the short comings in the pool, the watch worked fine for the rest of our testing. We typically use a GPS-enabled watch for running but if you needed a basic watch for running this one will do just fine.

If you choose to do a triathlon with this watch it does have a few cool features that might come in handy from a multisport standpoint. One feature that could prove to be pretty beneficial is the integrated food/drink timers.

These reminders allow you to set individual audible/visual alarms to remind you to eat or drink. A neat feature that could help you stay on top of your nutrition in longer events.

The Ironman Sleek 150 also has a target time pace function which will give you feedback regarding pace. After you set a pace per lap target, the watch will give you feedback with a series of beeps (slow beeps=behind pace, single beep=on pace, quick beeps=above pace) to alert you of your pacing. This only works for a predetermined or known route (no GPS), but it could prove helpful in a race (where the course is hopefully marked) or training situation where you are doing intervals, such as a track workout.

The Timex Sleek 150 also has many of the other features you would expect to find like a review function.

and a review lap function to check out the 150-lap memory. The watch will also allow you to store workouts by date and then recall individual workouts, (provided you haven't used more than the 150 lap memory) the oldest workouts are automatically overridden, but you can lock specific workouts so they are protected. Simply, find the workout you want to protect from the recall menu (by date) and hold down the Stop/Reset button until the lock symbol is displayed. You can also view your individual laps/splits as well as avg lap, best lap information for each stored workout.

There's also an interval timer function that allows you to set up to 16 intervals.

From here you can set the duration of each interval as well as if you want to repeat the intervals or stop after you cycle through them.

You can also customize the display to show the data the way you want to see it.

There is of course a basic timer function.

And an alarm function with three separate alarms.

The Ironman Sleek 150 also has a "Night-Mode" that you can turn on/off by holding down the Indiglo button. In Night-Mode the watch will automatically turn on the back light whenever you press a button or tap the screen during training.

Price Range
The Timex website shows a retail price of $90.00. A fair price for a watch with this many features. The TapScreen isn't really that big of a deal to us, so there are certainly less expensive options out there. Especially if you plan on using it mainly for a casual wear type of watch.

TriBomb Bottom Line
A decent all around watch, very comfortable, and seems to be very durable. Better suited as a casual wear type of watch in our opinion.

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