CEP Clone Compression Tights
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Custom made compression tights from a leader in the compression business.


These tights are a chore to get on, but the compression is worth the effort.


The custom approach to compression is a very cool idea, and produces some of the tightest compression of any tights we've tried.

Detailed Review

How many times have you worn a pair of compression tights that sort of fit? Wouldn't it be cool if you could have a completely custom made pair of compression tights? Tights that not only fit you like a glove, but have real medical grade compression. Well, that's exactly what you get with the CEP Clone.

While many other off the rack type compression garments have a few generic measurements to get the fit pretty close, the Clone takes that idea a step further (actually 41 steps further). The Clone process begins at an authorized Clone dealer with 41 precise measurements of your body and should take 30-45 minutes to complete.

So even if you have kankles or thunder thighs the fit is just right. There are even individual measurements for the right and left leg. You may actually be surprised to see how much difference there is between the same measurements from one leg to the other.

Keep in mind that since you can only get the Clone at an authorized dealer, be sure to check the CEP website for a dealer near you. We feel the authorized dealer aspect is something worth mentioning, because if you live in a somewhat rural area you may be a long way from a dealer (which was the case for us) and these tights.

The whole concept behind the custom process makes perfect sense to us. If targeted compression to specific areas of the body is what we are all looking for, then a compression garment that fits like no other, should make that more easily attainable. Rather than trying to fit your body to the garment, the garment fits your unique proportions no matter how "normal" you are. Furthermore, the areas that are designed to target specific areas with specific levels of compression should be spot on.

After your measurements are recorded they are sent off and your Clone is made for your exact dimensions. Made to order specifically for you and delivered to your doorstep in 7-10 days. The Clone tights are guaranteed to hold their compression rating for up to six months (of everyday use) so when you buy a pair of Clone tights you also get a second pair at a later date to get you through an entire year of guaranteed, reliable compression. A pretty cool idea.

According to CEP, the clone uses the same yarn, knitting techniques, and pressure profiles as the garments that their parent company, Medi, has been perfecting since the 1920s. The Clone is available as a full tight or a thigh high model.

The material is not that of typical compression garments. It is not what we would call thin by any means, in fact it's fairly thick until it's stretched out over your entire leg. The material is a bit more of a hosiery type of material than some of the other tights we have tried, by that we mean they are more sheer than other compression tights, not that we like to wear pantyhose. You can see the sheerness in the picture below.

A close-up of the Clone material.

As with all TriBomb compression reviews, we try to give you the mmHg measurements whenever available. All compression garments should have a mmHg measurement, mmHg is a millimeters of mercury system for measuring compression force. The higher the number, the more compression you get (more is not necessarily better, it's more about the right amount of force in the right places).

The Clone, like all CEP compression, has graduated levels of compression to to ensure proper blood flow. The further from the heart, the more compression, this prevents blood from pooling in the lower extremities and helps to flush lactic acid and waste from the legs. The Clone is rated at 20-30 mmHg, 30 mmHg at the lower part of the leg, ( Most research shows that compression garments need to be no less than 20mmHg in the lower leg in order to penetrate the deeper veins for maximum benefit.) with

gradually decreasing intensity as you move up the leg, in keeping with the whole graduated level of compression idea.

As comfortable as any other tight that we have tried for the most part. However, we would recommend going with the open toe option instead of the closed toe. The closed toe option can be a little intense on your toes, especially if you are wearing them for an extended amount of time like overnight.

These tights are some of the tightest we've tried and because of that they are not the easiest to get on. You have to start at the bottom and work your way up gradually, think wetsuit style. This is where you will put the included donning gloves to use. They help you to grip the material and work the tights up your legs without damaging them.

We haven't had these tights long enough to make any real claims. That being said, we haven't had any problems with our tights. Since these tights are more of a "stocking" type material it will be interesting to see how they hold up for the long haul.

The Clone "kit" comes with tights, donning gloves (you'll need em), wash bag and detergent, a foot condom or bootie to help get the tights on over your feet and protect them from snags.

Well...it's custom made for your exact dimensions, so if it doesn't fit, you either went on a Ben & Jerry's binge or someone can't read a measuring tape :) Seriously though, custom fit, it doesn't get much better than that.

Price Range
Definitely at the upper end for compression tights. Considering you get two pairs of tights made to order for your exact measurements we think it's justifiable.

TriBomb Bottom Line
Custom is where it's at!

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