Black Diamond Sprinter Headlamp
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A light weight, low profile rechargeable headlamp.


The battery pack to be a little more compact.


The rechargeable feature makes a good light great.

Detailed Review

Well, off season is upon us, or most of us normal people who don't have the luxury of chasing summer around the planet. When daylight and warmth become all but a distant memory. This is the time when some choose to take off and others (the smart ones) put in the work to get faster for next year. Off season rant done... now to the review.

We did actually have a point to the off season rant. In order to put in the work, there are many times that we find our selves running in the dark. Sure, sometimes we run under the street lights, but it is also nice to go off the beaten path. Trails, dirt roads, and other such places are nice alternatives to the usual route. Enter the Black Diamond Sprinter headlamp.

With well over a year of use, we are ready to give you our thoughts. There are hundreds of choices for running headlamps, but when we saw the "rechargeable" feature on the Black Diamond Sprinter headlamp, we had to give it a try.

The headlamp comes with a compact and universal charger that can be used world wide. You can see the unit in the charging dock below. The light is illuminated while charging so you know you have it seated correctly.

The Sprinter features a DoublePower LED (68 lumens for you light geeks out there) front light that has 3 settings (full strength, dimmed, and strobe - for when you want to get your groove on).

The full strength option gives you 50m of visibility and a battery life of 5-6 hours.

The dimmed setting will give you 12m of visibility and a much longer battery life of approximately 46 hours. Even though this is dimmed setting, it works just fine for areas with a little light or even when the moon is brighter.

The rear lithium battery pack also doubles as a rear light. This is a nice feature considering drivers seem to be getting worse by the minute. You can turn this off, but we prefer to leave it on.

The Sprinter weighs in at 100g (3.5 oz), which is by no means the lightest on the block. We think the rechargeable battery is more than worth a little weight penalty.

While we have to admit, the majority of these runs have been with the light over a beanie or some other type of head warmer, the Sprinter is a very comfortable headlamp. We chose to remove the top strap as the headlamp stays pretty snug. Our only complaint is the size of the battery seems to be a little large. We would like to see it be a little more compact and perhaps even contoured to fit the round shape of most heads.

TriBomb Bottom Line
Not the lightest or the brightest out there...but a very good solution that combines a good headlamp with the convenience of a rechargeable battery.

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