Moji 360
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A new spin on massage, if that's how you choose to roll.


The Pro version which features heat.


A versatile massage device to add to your tool box of recovery products.

Detailed Review

The new Moji 360 line of massage products combine omni-directional stainless steel spheres and easy to maneuver housing to put a beat down on tight muscles and scar tissue. The omni-directional spheres allow you to "roll out" tight muscles and the soreness that often goes along with them. The spheres move freely in any direction (omni-directional probably gave that one away) allowing you to have an extremely versatile massage device. The Moji 360 uses Tri-Zone technology, or basically a variety of sphere sizes and arrangements to give you different levels of intensity and massage characteristics.

You can concentrate on a small trouble spot or just roll out larger general areas like the legs to keep things loosened up. The shape of the spheres makes it easy to hone in on those trouble spots. For small areas you can even use a single sphere to apply maximum pressure and really hammer down on that spot. For the larger areas the entire surface works together to knead the tissue and massage as deeply as as you care to go.

The spheres follow the contours of the body effortlessly and make it easy to get to hard to reach areas.

The spheres are designed to break up scar tissue and mimic a massage therapists motions

The Moji 360 is available in two sizes, there's the regular Moji 360 and the Moji 360 Palm.

We have put the Moji 360 to use after long training days to work out soreness and help speed recovery. We have found that you can eliminate a lot of potential soreness by spending a few minutes rolling out the kinks immediately after training sessions.

The Moji 360 Palm has a flexible rubber like body which holds seven free flowing spheres.

The back of the Mini-Me version of the Moji 360 has a strap that fits over your hand allowing you to "palm" it.

The Palm version is especially useful for travel or even to stow away at the office. It's small enough to be very portable and still allows you to get a very good massage.

Price Range
In line with similar massage products products. Buy the bundle on the Moji site and get the large and small version and save.

TriBomb Bottom Line
Moji is on a roll with this design.

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