Scicon Solar Messenger Bag
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A stylish messenger bag with an integrated solar panel.


So far, so good, but we have a lot more testing to do.


The solar bag takes one step closer at bridging the gap between bikes and cars for transportation by allowing commuters to keep their gadgets charged just as if they were in a car.

Detailed Review

When we hear Scicon, we generally think of really nice bike travel bags and cases. However, the Italian based company also features a nice range of saddle and messenger bags. With over 30 years of doing one thing, and one thing only, which is designing and manufacturing technical bike bags, the company has great products.

We received the Scicon Solar Messenger Bag along with the Aero Comfort Transportation Bag (review coming soon on this). Needless to say we were more than intrigued with this cool looking messenger bag that had a plethora of wires hanging out of one of the inside pockets.

The first thing we noticed was the solar panel on the front flap of the bag. The panel is constructed of a patented photoreactive material that reacts to indoor and outdoor light. This material is also waterproof, very durable, and flexible at the same time. You wouldn't know the panel was there if you couldn't see it.

The solar panel's power wire is cleverly hidden in the flap of the bag and routed out a small hole on the inside of the bag where it connects to the above battery pack. The Lithium 1500a stores the solar energy for times when you really need it. It claims to store the energy for several days and power your devices for 2+ hours. We will have a more detailed analysis of these claims in our final review.

As you can see above the Octopus adapter has almost every charging tip imaginable. A cool feature is that if for some weird ass reason none of the charging tips fit your device, you can simply plug your own USB cable directly into the battery to power your device. The bag has a nice graphic on the inside of the flap to remind you of your options for charging.

A view of the front of the bag with the flap open.

Another nice touch to the bag is the hidden rain protector. Even though the bag is 100% weatherproof, the rain protector will assure that your goodies stay dry.

The inside of the bag has several features. It has a padded sleeve for your laptop, iPad, etc. It has an organizer with smaller pockets that works great for keys, wallet, etc.

And lastly, it has double straps to secure newspapers and other things that you need to keep rolled up (well there are probably a few things that you roll up that you should not be carrying).

TriBomb Bottom Line
The bag is still under serious review. We will have our updates and final thoughts in a later review.

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