Zoot Advantage Run Short
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A lightweight, cool, comfortable and functional running short.


More colors.


This is a running short that is so comfortable you will have the urge to pull it out of the dirty clothes hamper and wear it again.

Detailed Review

If you prefer to run in split leg shorts, short shorts, tight shorts, or anything similar from the 80s, this short is not for you, and more than likely, neither is this site. Just sayin...

The material used for the Zoot Advantage Short is listed as DYNAsilk, which is a crazy ass name for 100% Polyester Stretch Woven. Regardless of the name, this material is super lightweight and very comfortable no matter what the temperature is outside.

The comfort of the Zoot Advantage Short is unmatched. We will start from top to bottom.

The waistband is a simple thin elastic band that makes you forget it is even there. No need to worry about draw strings or the waistband bunching up.

The brief liner is very thin and comfortable. It has Zoot's MICROlite 3D anti-odor properties, which basically means it is manufactured with technology that is intended to keep the odor levels down. Which as I am typing this, I wonder why anyone would ever smell the liner of their running shorts?

The shorts include a zipper pocket at the back which is perfect for carrying your house key or another small item.

We have tested these shorts on runs from 30 min to 4 hours in all types of weather conditions. And it is simple, they just feel good.

We have put these shorts to the test for well over a year now and after many runs and many washes we have not experienced any excessive wear. Speaking of that, if you have questions as to how to care for these or any Zoot apparel products, here is what they recommend:

  • Wash all Zoot apparel using cold water
  • Always hand wash or use the gentle cycle in your washing machine
  • Use mild soap
  • Hang dry all Zoot apparel - never use a dryer.

Zoot apparel products have a warranty of 1 year from date of purchase. From our experience, you will not ever have to worry about this.

We recommend going one size up in the Zoot Advantage shorts as this offers a bit more comfort without making them baggy. You can see the recommended sizing from Zoot below:

Price Range
The Zoot Advantage Short falls right in line with most other running shorts.

TriBomb Bottom Line
We think this is a good, if not the best, choice for an all around running short.


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