NormaTec MVP PRO
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We will cover the current NormaTec MVP PRO system as well as planned updates and new products that are coming in a multi-day review.

Part 1: What you get?
Part 2: Using the NormaTec
Our legs-in approach to testing.
Part 3: What we think
Does it give you a leg up on the competition? plus What's on tap?... We've got the low down on some exciting new developments.

Part 1: What you get?

Well, the recovery business has become just that, a whole entirely separate business on it's own, complete with a full gamut of specialty products and potions. Trust us when we say we've tried just about all of them. From compression socks to magic recovery pills, at TriBomb we're all about gaining an edge (a legal edge that is) when it comes to recovery. No one of reasonable intelligence will dispute the fact that your training will only take you so far. At some point you have to be able to recover from the stress that daily training sessions (many times multiple sessions) put on your body. You're only as good as the work you can actually absorb and recover from.

In the midst of all the products geared toward the recovery aspect of training, we were "pumped" (pun intended) to test and review a couple of offerings in the compression boot category. Currently there are only a few systems available, but there seem to be more companies jumping on this bandwagon daily.

We were more than a little excited when the NormaTec MVP ("Most Valuable Pump") PRO arrived at the TriBomb shop. For those of you who have been living under a rock somewhere, the NormaTec system is currently known as the "Cadillac" of these type of systems.

NormaTec is a family owned business that has been around long before the fad of compression devices hit the sports world. In the mid 90s, Dr. Jacobs (the founder), set out to design a state of the art Pneumatic compression device after determining the existing technology was inadequate and out of date. In 2002, the company launched the NormaTec PCD, which featured it's patented Peristaltic Pulse pneumatic waveform compression. It is this patented pattern of compression that currently sets NormaTec apart from the competition. Top sports teams and professional athletes of many different sports have been using the NormaTec MVP PRO since 2007.

NormaTec put some serious thought and research into the design of the MVP PRO system. The beast of a pump, LCD display, as well as the touch controls all come packaged in a nice, toolbox-like travel proof case, that even features a built-in combination lock to make sure it is secure. While this design is obviously convenient, this case also helps to position the pump off the surface a bit allowing more airflow. By doing this, you get a powerful, quiet pump that won't wake the neighbors.

Our boots came with a fancy TriBomb name badge. better lock it, especially when your friends find out you have one!

Next Up. Part 2: Using the NormaTec... Our legs-in approach to testing.
In the next segment we'll cover in detail our hands-on (or should we say legs-in) experience using the NormaTec MVP PRO over the last several months.

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