Swift Aeronaut
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Several weeks ago at Interbike we met up with the guys from Swift and we brought you a quick glimpse of their new TT bike offering. After a quick meeting, we were offered a chance to review the bike after Interbike and Kona. Since reviews are kind of our thing, we jumped at the chance to get a pre-production version of the new Aeronaut.

Fast forward a couple of months and lo and behold a Swift box is being carted into the TriBomb shop. So, we've got the bike put together and ready for action. We thought we would give you a few quick pictures of the new Aeronaut to check out (since it's actually clean, but won't be for long) while we get ready to put it through the paces.

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A beefed up chainstay for applying power.

The seat stays of the Aeronaut have a bit of a curve along with a tapered profile.

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Look for our full review coming soon!

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