Recovery Pump
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We will cover the Recovery Pump system in a multi-day review.

Part 1: What you get?
Part 2: Using the Recovery Pump
Our legs-in approach to testing.
Part 3: What we Think
Does it give you a leg up on the competition?

Part 1: What you get?

Well, the recovery business has become just that, a whole entirely separate business on it's own, complete with a full gamut of specialty products and potions. Trust us when we say we've tried just about all of them. From compression socks to magic recovery pills, at TriBomb we're all about gaining an edge (a legal edge that is) when it comes to recovery. No one of reasonable intelligence will dispute the fact that your training will only take you so far. At some point you have to be able to recover from the stress that daily training sessions (many times multiple sessions) put on your body. You're only as good as the work you can actually absorb and recover from.

In the midst of all the products geared toward the recovery aspect of training, we were "pumped" (pun intended) to test and review a couple of offerings in the compression boot category. Currently there are only a few systems available, but there seem to be more companies jumping on this bandwagon daily.

At TriBomb we are all about real, unbiased reviews. With NormaTec and Recovery Pump being the two main players in this new market in the sports world, we wanted to make sure that we tested both systems thoroughly in order to offer our best and honest opinions of each product. With that said, we want to make it clear that we will not be comparing the two units. The only similarity of the two is that they are both medical compression pumps that are being marketed towards endurance athletes. Other than that, there are too many major differences in the features, price point, and the method by which the compression is delivered that make it very difficult to truly compare the systems in an apples to apples type of comparison. That being said , the two systems are designed to accomplish the same goal, they just use very different forms of compression to achieve it.

So, now let's get to the review, or at least Part 1.

The heart of the Recovery Pump system is the pump itself. The medical grade pump, is just that, a pump that has been around for years in the medical field. In reality, all the pumps that are now being used in the athletic world probably got their start in the medical world. It's a byproduct of the technology, but hey if it works, it works.

The pump is lightweight and compact making it easy to travel with. It also has a couple of built in hooks that you can hang the pump from (making it easy to reach) which fold up under the unit when not in use.

The Recovery Pump system is easy to setup. The pump has two "plugs" (each with four hoses attached) that snap into the pump.

The boots come with color coded inlets that connect to the four hoses which supply air to the boots themselves.

A nice feature of the Recovery Pump system is the zippered boots. The boots feature a zipper from top to bottom making entry and exit a breeze.

The Recovery Pump Boots are comfortable and have a fairly thin profile. You can just kick back and relax or easily work on your laptop, iPad, etc. while your wearing the boots.

Next Up. Part 2: Using the Recovery Pump
We will cover our detailed and extended usage of the Recovery Pump system over the last several months in tomorrow's Part 2.

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