First Endurance EFS Drink
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One of the latest advancements in sport drink science.


A smaller more convenient package option for traveling or when refilling bottles out on the road.


Our electrolyte drink mix of choice.

Detailed Review

You can't pick up a sports supplement these days without coming across some pretty outlandish claims. The nutritional products geared towards triathletes are some of the worst in the bogus claims department. Triathletes as a whole buy lots of crap and trust us, we are guilty as charged. The companies who market this stuff (some good, some bad) know that we all want to swim stronger, bike harder, and run faster and we spend lots of money to do so. One thing that can't be overlooked in the whole nutritional product puzzle is hydration and electrolyte replacement. Get that wrong and the only place you'll be racing off to is the medical tent. EFS is on the front line in the battle against a complete hydration melt down.

Each jug of EFS contains 25 servings of electrolyte/energy mix. The powdered mix dissolves very well, even when mixed at 2 or 3 times the strength for a more concentrated solution. We found the flavors to be subtle and tasty. Each scoop is chock-full of amino acids and electrolytes. In fact, at 1160mg of total electrolytes per scoop, we don't think you'll find another product that even comes close to matching EFS. The TriBomb staff pick for best flavor is grape, it has a very mild flavor and it's not overly sweet. The EFS mix is also Gluten Free.

We have tested EFS in all types of weather and even in 100+ degree temps we stayed well hydrated. One of our favorite mixes is to combine EFS with a maltodextrin based product like Carbo-Pro. We have found that the combination of a maltodextrin based product and EFS work well together for long training days and longer duration races. We think that this combination gives you a good mix of calories and electrolytes to carry you through any long day in the saddle.

Price Range
EFS is priced in line with similar electrolyte drink products.

TriBomb Bottom Line
Not just an overpriced Gatorade, this is some advanced electrolyte replenishing juice.


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