Bont Sub-8 Cycling Shoe
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A super lightweight, well vented, fully moldable, stiff and comfortable cycling shoe that is specifically designed for triathlon.


An option for size 9 1/2 or 43.5 (since that is this author's size). Currently the only choices are 9 (43) or 10 (44).


If you are willing to spend the money on a top of the line triathlon cycling shoe, this should be your choice.

Detailed Review

It seems to us that Bont uses the best combination of material to construct a very high quality shoe. The base is 100% unidirectional carbon. The unidirectional construction simply offers more stiffness and support. On that note, the moment you clip in with these shoes you will notice that stiffness. The rest of the shoe is a microfiber material that repels sweat, water, and all types of moisture very well. The foam used throughout the shoe is a high quality close cell memory foam which does not absorb water, so your shoes will stay dry even during the longest rides.

The Bont Sub-8 has 40 air vents on the front of the shoe as well as specially placed air grills in the arch of the shoe which allows it to be one of the most breathable shoes we have ever worn. Speaking of breathability, if you are wearing them in colder weather, toe covers are definitely recommended.

Bont seems to have thought of everything with this shoe. We all know how frightening it can be when replacing cleats as you want to make sure you get it in the exact same position. Bont has printed a detailed grid on the toe of the shoe which makes it easy to reproduce the exact same position for your new cleats.

The heel of the shoe also has a nice gripped protector which comes in handy for providing a little extra traction if you are ever running in or out of T1 or T2 with your cycling shoes on (which should be a very RARE occasion...keep 'em clipped in people).

Bont also has included a very large, stiff oversized loop that makes them easy to pull on while rolling out of T1. Unlike some other loops on cycling shoes, this one does not rub or cause any irritation when you have the shoe on.

The Bont Sub-8 Shoe is 100% fully moldeable, so there isn't much to say about comfort. You can heat and mold this shoe as many times as you would like until you get it perfect. One of our testers has been wearing them just as they came, without completing the molding process, and has been completely satisfied. The very light weight (225 grams) as well as the low stack height (3.6mm) not only add to the comfort, but your speed as well.

Bont's heat molding process is one of the simplest in the industry. Bont has developed a resin that requires very low temperatures and hardens back quickly. The process is very simple. You simply heat the oven to 160 F (not any higher... 140 F will even do the trick), put the shoes in for 20 min, remove them, let them cool a bit, then place your feet in, strap them up and let them fully cool. You can see detailed instructions as well as a video here.

We have been very pleased with the durability of the Bont Sub-8. We have been testing it for over a year and the stiffness and comfort have not gone away. The cool thing about them if you do develop a place that is irritating you over time, simply re-mold them and you are ready to go.

For some odd reason, Bont chooses to offer a wide range of normal sizes sans a 9 1/2 (43.5). This happens to be one of our sizes, so this is a little frustrating as it leaves us having to use a 10 (44) which is slightly too large, but the molding process takes care of this. You can see detailed instructions for determining your size here.

And if you want to wait 6-8 weeks and go to the trouble of getting a mold of your feet, Bont will custom make the Sub-8 just for your feet. To us, this shows their passion for having the perfect fit.

Price Range
The Bont Sub-8 falls into the higher price range for cycling shoes, but you have to keep in mind that it is a super light weight fully moldable shoe. When you take these things into account, the price is just about right. Remember, Bont offers the Sub-9 and Sub10 which both have similar characteristics of the Sub-8 but are priced much lower.

TriBomb Bottom Line
The Bont Sub-8 Shoe seems to have every feature you could want in a triathlon cycling shoe. While it is a little pricey, we think it is one of the best on the market.


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