Saucony AMP PRO2 Reco
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A lightweight pair of recovery shoes.


A little more cushion and a different heel design.


With a few tweaks we think this could be a winner.

Detailed Review

We've tried several "recovery" shoes as of late. It seems to be another niche market at which a lot of companies are throwing out an attempt. Don't misunderstand us, we're all for a cushy shoe to slip on after pounding the pavement and these will work for that. They just left us wanting a little more...a little more comfort and a little better fit.

Theses shoes are extremely lightweight at only 5.5oz and the uppers are pretty much completely collapsible which makes the shoes extremely packable. A nice touch when it comes to taking them along to a race or stuffing them in your transition bag.

The interior has a soft sockliner material that begs to be worn sockless (yes, you will look like a doofus if you wear socks with these shoes). Don't be that guy!

And like most of the other items in the AMP PRO lineup these shoes feature Celliant. This fabric has been shown in clinical studies to improve oxygen levels and help regulate body temperature. So, it makes sense to us to put it to use in a shoe designed for recovery. The problem from a review standpoint is that we have no way to quantify its value. Furthermore, we can't tell you that we could honestly tell a difference, but hey, if it increases oxygen levels and aids in the recovery process we're cool with it.

The upper is constructed of a very light and breathable mesh material. We were impressed with the upper of this recovery shoe, it's not only well ventilated it's quite comfortable.

Pretty comfy overall. The memory foam feels good at first but after extended wear it could use a bit more substance. We feel it needs a bit more cushion or possibly a more dense foam to really be the kind of shoe you won't want to come out of.

Another nice feature of the AMP PRO2 Reco is the collapsible heel.

It makes for an easy entry into this shoe and it also allows the shoe to be worn in slip on mode, which is how you may have to wear it for the sake of comfort. Our main complaint with the heel is with the way it pulls the foot forward and basically has it crammed up against the front of the shoe.

With any kind of extended wear our toes ended up crashing into the front of the shoe making comfort difficult to find. Our sample was a half size larger than our normal size and it still felt short, so keep that in mind when purchasing.

The shoes seem to be well constructed other than the aforementioned issues. The materials and actual quality of the shoe doesn't seem to be an issue.

Our samples came up a bit short, we would recommend sizing up at least one size based on our testing.

Price Range
In line with similar products in the recovery shoe category. MSRP is well under a hundred bucks.

TriBomb Bottom Line
We had high hopes for this shoe and honestly it's not a bad concept for a shoe but we feel like there are a few issues that need to be resolved.

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