Scicon AeroComfort Bike Bag
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A lightweight, padded bike bag designed to combine the protection of a hard case with the flexibility of a soft case.


Slightly sturdier overall construction, some additional material reinforcements, and a lower price.


This bag is well-designed and easy to pack. We feel some material and design tweaks would make it much more durable for the price that you pay.

Detailed Review

SCI'CON has been in the bike bag business for over 30 years and in that time they have developed bags to meet the needs of all types of cyclists, from professional racers to casual riders. The AeroComfort bag is unique in that it requires very little dismantling of your bike when you are prepping it for travel. In fact, the entire bike can be left intact for the most part, including the bars and seat post.

This bag comes with everything you'll need to pack your bike when it's travel time.

It comes with two foam rolls and two pieces of nylon padding, as well as two mounting skewers (front and rear forks). We would suggest using some of your own padding (whether it be bubble wrap, old towels, etc) in addition to what is provided to ensure that your ride is protected.

Adjustable metal frame to mount the bike.

Metal bracket to fit over and protect rear derailleur (through rear skewer)

Two zippered, well-padded enclosures for wheels

One small zippered compartment for skewers/tools inside bag

Three internal snap closure straps to hold two sides of the bike bag together

The finalized packing job!

The material of the bag makes for lightweight storage and sufficient bike protection for a variety of travel situations. A few improvements like a more sturdy frame design for the front and rear forks to mount to and a vinyl patch or rigid cover for the outside of the bag where the wheel hubs would be located are needed. Also, vinyl patches/reinforcements on the bottom of the bag where the material "sags" and drags on the ground would also improve the performance of this bag.

The bag is very easy to pack, easy to wheel around (if the material does not gather at the bottom of the bag, obstructing the wheels), and lightweight. The straps that are provided can be used to carry and lift the bag easily or wheel it along the ground. We were able to pack all of our race gear in the bag with our bike, but did not travel with a floor pump. Packing the bike requires removing only the front and rear wheels. The bag also fits around aerobars and rear bottle cages.

We were able to fit the bag (with bike packed in it) and a large suitcase into a compact rental car plus two passengers! The design and size of the bag make it very convenient for travel. The empty bag also folds over and can be stored in a small nylon bag

The skewers that are provided with the bag are not durable. We had to use our own spare skewers to fasten the forks to the frame of the bag. The nylon material tore around the area where the wheel hubs are placed. Although the bag appears to be sturdy, there are a few elements that could benefit from a little reinforcement as noted above.

Price Range
The AeroComfort is pricey. The pricing would seem justified if the bag did not sag around the frame by the wheels and if there were some additional reinforcements.

TriBomb Bottom Line
The AeroComfort is a good purchase if budget is of no concern. This bag is a particularly good choice if you don't have the patience (or time... who does??) to dismantle your bike every time you travel with it. Due to the lack of a hard shell on the outside, be prepared to see some wear and tear when flying with this bike bag.

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