Finis AquaTuff Jammer
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A comfortable training Jammer that will withstand chlorine breakdown almost 3 times as long as most others.


It would be nice to have a few more color choices that don't include patterns from shower curtains.


This is a great and comfortable choice for someone who is looking for a training jammer and wants to avoid that see-thru look from happening so quickly.

Detailed Review

The Finis Jammers are made of 100% Polyester. This magic material provides superior comfort and durability.

The Finis AquaTuff Jammer is slightly thicker than most other Jammers. However, this thickness makes the Jammers feel much less see thru and provides some extra comfort. Once you are in the water, you don't notice it at all.

Another nice feature on these Jammers are the way they fit your legs. Most triathletes tend to have "cycling quads" and most Jammers are made for the skinny legs of swimmers and tend to be very tight and restrictive at the leg band. The Finis Jammers do not have that tightness at all allowing for a much greater comfort level while working flawlessly in the water.

We all know the feeling you get to the pool, grab your jammers from your swim bag only to notice they are almost translucent. We have swam in these Jammers for well over 3 years now and we usually replace the suit because we are tired of the color, not because it is worn out. They literally last forever.

Unless you are really trying to emphasize your package, we recommend a size up as it allows for a little more comfort but is still snug enough to comfortably swim in.

Price Range
The Finis AquaTuff Jammer is in the higher price range, but when you consider not having to replace them as often, it makes the price much easier to swallow.

TriBomb Bottom Line
This is a favorite of ours as it offers all of the features you look for in a good training Jammer: comfort, durability, and style (well sort of).


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