CamelBak Podium Chill Bottle
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An insulated version of CamelBak's popular Podium Bottle.


A slightly deeper groove in the neck of the bottle for a more secure fit in bottle cages to prevent the dreaded eject-o-bottle scenario.


A well designed bottle that's easy to squeeze with some serious flow.

Detailed Review

The CamelBak Podium Bottle is a Staff Favorite here at TriBomb. We feel it's the one of the best all around water bottle designs on the market. The Podium Chill essentially takes the standard Podium Bottle to a slightly "cooler" level.

The Podium Chill incorporates the same self sealing Jet Valve that other bottles in the CamelBak line use. We like the design, it allows you to easily control the flow. Whether you need a sip or an all out gulp the valve and the soft sides of the bottle allow you to get just the right amount.

Another feature you will appreciate about this bottle is the lockout feature. A simple twist of the valve will completely shut off the flow. We have not experienced any "premature evacuation" with the valve in the off position. Especially handy when you throw it in your transition bag on race day. No more soggy bag syndrome!

The Jet Valve does have a fault or two in our opinion. The design does lend itself to being a bit of a dirt magnet and it can be a little difficult to clean. A couple of our bottles got discolored/stained inside the Jet Valve and we could not get them clean. We tried a bottle brush and we tried bleaching them but we were not able to remove the discoloration. It didn't effect the operation of the valve it just looks a little gross. The Jet Valve also has a tendency to leak a little when going over rough roads especially if it's in a horizontal position like between your aero bars.

The Podium Chill Bottle is a moderately insulated bottle. Basically, it's a double walled bottle that has a layer of foam insulation between the two walls. The great thing about the Podium Chill, is that unlike many insulated bottles out there, it remains very soft and easy to squeeze.

We have tested this bottle in the hot Texas sun pretty extensively. We have had record heat and many days of 100+ temps. The Podium Chill keeps your fluids colder longer. The CamelBak website says it keeps liquids cold about twice as long as uninsulated bottles. We would say that is a pretty accurate claim based on our tests. However, don't think your going to go out on a long ride on a hot day and have an icy cold beverage at hand 70 miles into the journey. You will be disappointed.

When testing this bottle we found that freezing it the night before provided the best bet for any long term chilled effect. In fact, we tested this approach for use in our special needs bag and when frozen the night before we were pleasantly surprised upon arrival at our special needs pick up to find the bottles were still partially frozen.

Other Stuff
Another nice feature of this bottle is the fact that it is 100% BPA free and the material used in the bottle does not give you any sort of weird aftertaste. The standard bottle holds 21 oz and there is a 25 oz version. There's also a new Podium Ice version that is supposed to keep your liquids cool 4X longer than a standard bottle. Look for a review on this model in the near future.

Price Range
At the upper end of water bottle prices.

TriBomb Bottom Line
A solid, top quality bottle, especially when the mercury rises. A nice addition to have at your disposal and it will only cost you a few bucks more than the standard CamelBak bottle.


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