Louis Garneau Tri-300 Triathlon Shoe
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2012 Louis Garneau TRI-300 Triathlon Cycling Shoe

Well, the latest and greatest triathlon cycling shoe from Louis Garneau has arrived at the TriBomb shop for review. The second generation Tri-300 shoes are packed with technology in hopes of being the best triathlon cycling shoe on the market.

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The Tri-300 shoes have an approximate weight of 288g (we will have an exact weight in a couple of sizes in the final review) and are 100% heat moldable at 150 F. Some of the cool features and facts of the all new Tri-300:

The HRS-100 (Heel Retention System). The white “heel strap” features a .6mm membrane that is designed to provide enhanced support to keep the heel in place and maximize power transfer during the power phase of the pedal stroke.

The vented offset POWER-FLEX strap should make it easy to secure the shoe while rolling out of T1.

Speaking of rolling out of T1, the Tri-300 features a larger than normal rear pull loop.

The Ice Fill insole reacts to moisture (uh, sweat) and is supposed to act as a refrigerant to keep your feet cool no matter what the temps are.

The microfiber and nylon mix upper is designed to keep your shoes dry and breathable at the same time.

The extremely vented silver carbon outsole seems like it will offer a very stiff platform.

You choose your cleat/pedal system as it is compatible will all the major players. (well, Speedplay requires a few shims)

A nice view of the vents from inside.

If you are buying top of the line shoes, they should come with a bag, right? Complete with instructions.

We will followup after some long term use and abuse of the Louis Garneau Tri-300 shoe.

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