TYR Catalyst Swim Paddle
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An affordable swim paddle with sizing options that is recommended by some of the top coaches in the sport.


These paddles legalized for racing. (I kid, I kid...)


A great addition to your swim "toys" if you've built up the shoulder strength to handle swim paddles.

Detailed Review

A swim paddle is a swim paddle, right? Well not according to some of the top tier triathlon coaches such as Brett Sutton. ( if you don't know who that is, well, we are sorry) These paddles were invented by Worlds Masters Swimmer Ron Johnson (sorry, we don't know who he is), but apparently he is a great swimmer and former swim coach at ASU.

The specially designed TYR Catalyst forces you to have a correct stoke. The feedback these paddles give you will help you to recognize what you are doing incorrectly. The special patented keyhole design of the paddle distributes the pressure evenly which allows for less shoulder stress. From early hand entry to to dropping your elbows, you will notice it with these paddles.

Below are the TYR recommendations for which paddle will work for you and we concur.

  1. XXS (Trans. Orange) beginning swimmers
  2. XS (Trans. Green) young age groupers (8-12 years)
  3. S (Trans. Yellow) older age groupers (12+ years)/beginning masters
  4. M (Trans. Red) older high school males/Sr. National females/mid-level masters
  5. L (Trans. Blue) collegiate swimmers/Sr. National males
  6. XL (Trans. Smoke) very strong swimmers/water aerobics

The simplicity of the fitting of these paddles also makes them a good choice.

You fit them to your hand with surgical tubing that is provided. Simply insert your hand and pull the tubing to snug up the paddles and you are ready to go.

Don't jump into using paddles just because you want new swim toys. It takes time to develop your swim stroke and build up your shoulders. Only then is it safe to start building strength by using paddles.

Price Range
Average priced swim paddles.

TriBomb Bottom Line
The best all around choice for swim paddles that will help you build strength and improve stroke mechanics.


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