Vittoria THL Triathlon Shoe
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2012 Vittoria THL Shoe

Vittoria is a company that is new to us, but not to the cycling shoe world, especially overseas. They have been tucked way in a tiny village in Italy making high quality cycling shoes since 1976. And no, it's not the same Vittoria that makes tires. There is actually a story behind the 2 vying for that name.

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We stumbled across the Vittoria booth at Interbike and were pleasantly surprised by their wide range of shoes and the quality with which they seemed to be built. We know, hard to believe, but we put in our request to review the THL Triathlon specific shoe. Since then they have made the long trip across the pond and finally arrived at TriBomb for some testing.

A few recognizable folks on their box.

Highly breathable mesh construction covers a large portion of the shoe.

The THL weighs in at 245g.

A view of the rear heel of the shoe and the pull to slip the shoe on.

A vented full carbon sole for maximum power transfer, and an escape route for moisture.

Nice reverse open straps.

The insert also has several drain / air holes to ensure your feet stay cool and dry.

Strategically placed holes in the sole of the shoe line up with the vents.

We are very intrigued by the Vittoria THL triathlon specific cycling shoe. Check back for our review after we have had some time with the shoes.

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