Scicon Aeronaut Saddle Bag
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A clever take on the traditional saddle bag.


A design that works with aero seatposts.


A cool way to carry the bare essentials.

Detailed Review


Scicon is no stranger to the saddlebag market, they have been making bags for over 30 years. The latest saddlebag from Scicon puts an emphasis on storage with an aero design. You won't find any zippers or excess material flapping in the breeze with this design. The Aeronaut bag is really more of a "pod" or at least that's what we'd call it. Regardless of what you call it, the new Aeronaut saddle bag is a cool idea that solves many of the things we dislike about a traditional saddle bag.

The system consists of an outer cage that is covered by a soft silicone skin. The bag installs in seconds to the rails of a standard road saddle with Scicon's Roller 2 system. This system allows for quick and easy attachment/removal of the bag with a simple twist of the wrist. In our testing the Aeronaut stayed put very well, even over rough roads we never encountered an unwanted release.

As you can see the the overall shape of the Aeronaut looks, must be something in the name. The smooth outer "skin" covers your goods and keeps them secure with a zipper free exterior.

The bag works with most road bike setups, but probably won't fit your TT bike. We think an option that would work with an aero seat post would be a cool idea for those long training rides. Especially since it removes in a matter of seconds to allow for a quick conversion to a race setup for rear hydration needs or nada for short distance racing.

The Aeronaut is not going to replace the saddle bag for those of you who insist on having a giant sized backpack strapped to your bike, but for most of us it is sufficient. Scicon claims that you can carry two road tubes. We'd say that's a stretch even for the very stretchy outer skin to cover. We managed to cram a spare tube, tire levers, and even a CO2 in the Aeronaut. To get much more than that in there we think you'd have to be an origami master, or an expert roller of some "questionable" materials. Seriously though, you can see, a single tube fits perfectly in the cage of the Aeronaut, but leaves little room for much else.

Another nice feature of the removable silicone skin is that it is washable and doesn't absorb water or road grime when the weather is less than perfect.

TriBomb Bottom Line
A new slant on an old standby this "bag" is a nice alternative to a traditional setup for carrying just the necessities.

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