VeloShine Bike Wipes
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Baby wipes for your bike (and even your body if you prefer).


The shiny, and even more slippery, film after effect toned down a bit.


A cool (and green) idea for keeping your ride clean... if you can afford it.

Detailed Review

We've been testing Veloshine bike wipes for a while now... probably a lot longer than one should for a bike wipe, but hey, we like to thoroughly put things through the ringer here at TriBomb and give you real insight to a product's functionality.

So, not much to explain here. Veloshine brings you the concept of baby wipes to your bike. Let's face it, some of us keep our bikes cleaner than we do our kids anyways. You know who you are. They did, however put a little more thought into the wipes.

The folks at VeloWipes, Inc are proud of the environmentally friendly aspect of Veloshine wipes, hence the green package, logo, etc. The wipes are 100% biodegradable, which provides the nice feeling of knowing they won't be contributing to the overflowing landfills.

With each package of Veloshine wipes, you get 18 wipes. Each wipe is 8" x 11", which should allow you to easily cover the whole bike with just one wipe. As you can see below, the wipes are thick and almost cloth like.

Veloshine's proprietary solution claims to be formulated with cleaning agents that easily remove dirt, grime, etc while leaving a shiny finish. We would agree with this. It's the shiny finish that worried us a bit. Shiny = Slippery. Which is not an issue for most of the bike, but if you do need to clean the bars, where your sweaty hands have been, we would suggest using something different.

The wipes actually leave behind a bit of a film, we would suggest a clean microfiber towel as a follow up to using the wipes to help remove/buff it off. We tried our best to show you the film left behind in the picture below.

Speaking of the proprietary solution, Veloshine wipes are hypoallergenic and alcohol free, so that you can clean you self up as well. We will leave this up to you, but a simple wash of the hands and face with soap in any bathroom might be the better option.

One last item to mention, which Veloshine stresses as well. It is not a degreaser and was never intended to be as some chemicals in degreasers can easily break down the finish and luster on your bike frame. So, now you know.

So, after cleaning many bikes, what do we think? The wipes work. Are they the only way to keep your bike clean, of course not. But, they offer a convenient way to keep your bike clean after each ride. Even if you forget, and come back the next day to your sweat crusted frame, the wipes are durable enough to scrub and clean the frame.

Price Range
You can get 1 package of 18 wipes for $8.99 or 1 case of 24 packages for $180 (which saves you around $36 by purchasing in bulk.

TriBomb Bottom Line
Veloshine wipes offer a simple solution for "clean freaks" and even normal folks to keep their bikes looking shiny and new.

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