Lazer Helium
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A high quality road helmet with plenty of ventilation.


A lighter overall weight.


A solid performer with superior fit.

Detailed Review

Lazer is one of the oldest helmet manufacturers around, with over 90 years of experience in the helmet building biz it's safe to say this isn't their first rodeo. We come across plenty of gimmicks when it comes to products that we test, and some of the features of this helmet sound like just that...a gimmick. When you first see the helmet and read about some of the features, like the Magic Buckle, you think that's great...if it all works. After testing the Helium for several months, it seems as if all systems are GO when it comes to the real world application of this helmet and its features.

We like this design of the Helium overall, it's a helmet that seems to hug your head with a pretty low profile. This helmet feels like it sits lower on your head than many of the helmets we've tested.

This is the real story with this helmet, the fit that can be attained with the Rollsys retention system is spot on. We have not come across anything like it in any other helmet. The Rollsys retention system uses a thin cable which adjusts around the entire head rather than just at the back of the helmet.

As you can see the cable runs basically all the way around your head, like a halo, so as you tighten the fit the halo conforms to the shape of your head. Adjustments are simple and can be made on the fly with the roller at the back of the helmet.

The "old school" approach of typical road helmets usually only pushes the head forward, cramming it into the front of the helmet. Lazer has done a great job reinventing this aspect of helmet fit and comfort, and have essentially raised the bar when it comes to retention systems.

The interior of the Helium is lined with X-Static pads which are washable and anti-microbial to help keep the funk factor of the helmet low.

Again, the fit and comfort is very good as mentioned above, and the interior of the Helium seems to be padded in all the right places. Even on long rides we never noticed any particular area of the interior that created discomfort or even a mild annoyance.

Another cool feature of the Helium is the Magic Buckle system. This buckle is magnetic and snaps together as soon as the two ends of the buckle get close together.

The straps that hold the buckles are of the new ribbon-like material that we are seeing more and more of in many new helmet designs. The straps themselves are soft and comfortable and seem to be the right thickness which allow them to be lightweight and at the same time substantial enough to not vibrate in the wind.

The Helium has plenty of vents and airflow is sufficient for the majority of conditions. During extremely hot conditions the Helium was a little toasty compared to other top of the line helmets.

With a weight of around 300g, the Helium isn't the lightest bucket we've tested especially when you compare it to other high-end helmets with similar price tags.

The only problem we had with the Helium is with the piece that actually holds the roller that adjusts the Rollsys retention system. The roller has popped out a few times but we've managed to snap it back in place.

The Helium comes in three sizes that adjust to accommodate a pretty wide range of noggins. Our sample was the XXS-S size it and fit nicely with plenty of adjustment left in both directions. We typically go with a medium in most road helmets, so we would say if you are boderline on the chart you can probably size down.

Price Range
The Helium falls into the upper range of road helmets.

TriBomb Bottom Line
A nice design with many very practical, user friendly features, the Helium also has one of the best retention systems that we've tested. We feel like this helmet is a little porky as far as the scale goes, and is lacking (just slightly) in the ventilation department when compared to helmets in this price range.

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