T3 Microgel Fiber Pillow
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A high tech pillow.


More support for our head and neck.



Detailed Review

You've probably seen the T3 ads in various triathlon magazines, they are also known as the "Official Sleep Products of Ironman". We were intrigued by the T3 mattress (not exactly easy to ship for a review) and when we saw there was a new Ironman pillow, we thought that would be a great fit for a TriBomb review.

The actual pillow has a microfiber cover, and inside you will find a mix of 50% Gel fibers (basically a synthetic down material) and 50% Celliant fibers. Celliant is a fiber we are seeing more and more of in a variety of products. It has been shown to increase oxygen levels in the body, which should benefit recovery in general. You can find out more about it at www.celliant.com.

Comfort was hard for us to find in our sample. We realize that there probably aren't many products out there that are as subjective from a comfort standpoint as a pillow. Some prefer a rock hard log of a pillow, others want a super soft feather. That being said, we couldn't make this pillow work for us at all.

What starts out as a big, thick, fluffy pillow ends up as thin and almost nonexistent. It seems like the material used to fill the pillow isn't substantial or dense enough to actually support your head. When we first laid down on the T3 pillow it seemed like all was good, only to wake up in the middle of the night with our head basically resting flat on our mattress. We've given it multiple attempts and the results are always the same, a stiff neck and a not so restful night's sleep. To us it feels like your head is in a hole and the actual pillow is more around your head than under it.

There are several firmness options on the T3 website (plush, medium, and firm) and maybe we just have the wrong firmness option. There's no indication on the pillow as to what it is, so we are unsure what we've been sleeping on (we believe it's the medium). Based on our results we are guessing it's not the firm option.

This hasn't been an issue, the pillow itself seems to be well constructed.

King or Queen sizes are available.

Price Range
MSRP is 89.00 for the queen and 99.00 for the king.

TriBomb Bottom Line
Not for us...a pain in the neck, literally.

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