SRAM Red 2012 Groupset
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It's finally here the all new 2012 SRAM Red was "officially" released today. The new lineup is lighter and has some new finishes which look very slick. The new groupset features some very cool technology (that you can read all about below) that we are chomping at the bit to test out.

Detailed Review

SRAM Red 2012
The new SRAM Red groupset is expected to be available to consumers March 2012. We, along with everyone else, were expecting the release of the hydraulic brakes that SRAM has been rumoured to be working on, but this didn't happen. However, SRAM has assured everyone with this announcement:

It's been rumored that SRAM is developing RED level road hydraulic brakes. We want to confirm this and let you know that we are currently working on a hydraulic disc brake and a hydraulic rim brake. Information on pricing will come at a later date and no photos are currently available.

Hydraulic disc brake:
RED level / Drop bar DoubleTap lever actuated / All new master cylinder and caliper / 140-160mm discs
Hydraulic rim brake:
RED level / Drop bar DoubleTap lever actuated / tire clearance up to 28C / Firecrest rim compatible

Commercial availability - Fall 2012

So, have a look below at what SRAM has to say about the new Red group. We hope to bring you our detailed review of the group later this year.

We feel incredibly confident about the superiority of our Performance Advantage with respect to the following critical aspects:

- Ergonomic advancement - New ErgoDynamics™ hoods fit the hand even better, while independent adjustment for shift paddle and brake lever reach offer an unprecedented level of comfort.
- Weight advantage - approximately one pound (half a kilo) lighter*.
- Practicality of Innovation - No unneeded glitz. No smoke and mirrors. Nothing was included in the new SRAM RED drive train unless it had a direct impact on the riding experience. That is real progress.

SRAM's superior ergonomics and function:
- Customize your brake and shifter lever reach to fit to your hands with easy to access and adjust Independent Reach Adjust™.
- Proper fitment of a bike is not just a modern trend, it is a performance necessity. The shifter controls are the most critical contact point of the bike, and the new SRAM RED's independent shifter and lever reach are the absolute best way to achieve precise fit adjustments.
- Better ergonomics provide better control, a better ride experience, a better connection to the bike, and in the end, a happier rider.
* than a battery assisted system



The new SRAM RED ErgoDynamics™ Shifters represent our most advanced thinking yet on perfecting the interface between rider and bike. We have scrutinized everything, including the transition between handlebar and hoods, the grip texture, finger wrap, and the separate interfaces with both the shifter and brake lever. The result is an extremely comfortable, highly individual fit that makes the shifters feel like a natural extension of the rider.

- ErgoFit textured body improves grip and finger wrap with reduced diameter, providing better control, and a better transition to the bar
- Individual Reach Adjust™ of brake and shift lever, now easier to access and uses a standard hex key, puts the controls exactly where you want them
- Larger carbon ErgoBlade lever improves shifting from the drops
- DoubleTap© technology delivers both shifts from the single lever
- ZeroLoss™ shifting, shifts engage immediately
- New clamp allows better fit and adjustment for modern carbon and ergo bars

Rear Derailleur

If you want the fastest, quietest shifting around, look no further. The new SRAM Red Rear Derailleur has been designed to deliver the performance advantage you have come to expect from SRAM. The derailleur is designed with our Exact Actuation™ technology for precise, efficient shifting. We have paid rapt attention to the finer details, like adding a hollow titanium anchor bolt and even refining tooth geometry of the jockey wheel. The result is that the chain runs through the new SRAM Red Rear Derailleur smoother and quieter than ever before.

- Exact Actuation™ shifting provides fast, accurate shifts
- More clearance with 28t cassettes thanks to a longer B-knuckle
- New silent shifting with optimized AeroGlide Pulleys™, ceramic bearings
- New spring-fixed barrel adjuster
- New chain pulley cage adds precise chain management
- Titanium pinch bolt keeps a low profile while minimizing weight

Front Derailleur

The new SRAM Red Front Derailleur changes everything. Instead of simply moving back and forth, the derailleur cage actually rotates to maintain a consistent angular relationship with the chain. We call it Yaw™ Technology, and it eliminates the need for shifter trim. As a result, shifts feel more direct, more precise, and combined with the new SRAM Red crankset and chainrings, delivers an unmatched performance advantage in front shifting.

- Yaw™ cage rotates in line with chain, improving the shifting speed and precision while eliminating the need for shifter trim
- Slim spring design eliminates frame interference
- Optimized for shifting with X G lide R™ Chainrings
- Best combination of aluminum and steel for the strongest and most durable cage we have ever made
- Precision install markings
- Integrated chain spotter protects your frame without adding any extra clunk, and adjusts independently of the derailleur itself


We made it bigger. To add stiffness, we used less material. The new SRAM Red Exogram™ Crankset is completely hollow all the way to the spider. Its hidden bolt pattern makes better use of carbon fiber to further improve stiffness and shed weight. The stunning X Glide R™ chainrings are optimized for use with the Y aw™ Technology in the front derailleur, delivering seamless, flawless performance.

- Exogram™ technology uses a large, hollow cross section all the way to the spider, minimizing weight while maximizing stiffness. Our stiffest crank ever
- Hidden bolt pattern leverages the characteristics of carbon fiber while presenting a sleek appearance
- Stiffer X G lide R™ chainrings feature thicker construction, advanced shift timing pins and ramps, which are optimized for shifting with the Yaw™ Front Derailleur
- Stunning two-tone finish
- GXP, PressFit, BB30, PressFit 30 availability

Quarq Power Meter

Advances in technology and performance paired with unrivaled ease-of-use. The sleek new geometry reduces system weight and delivers clearance for oversized frames and aerodynamic chainrings. The only visible power component is the low profile, all aluminum battery case. New stress flow lifts accuracy to +/- 1.5% and makes power measurement independent from chainring selection. Integrated electronics minimize interconnections and reduce exposure to the elements, bringing unmatched durability and reliability.

- Power Balance™ and ANT+™ give you compatibility, flexibility and every available metric
- ANT+™ ID is clearly visible to aid pairing and operation
- LED indicator signals power on and setting zero
- Tool-less, user-replaceable battery is a cycling industry standard CR2032
- OmniCal™: TT chainrings can be fitted without recalibration
- Rain, mud and snow; the waterproof design will survive the worst conditions


Your brakes should not slow you down until you squeeze the levers. That is why the new SRAM Red Brakeset has been created with a host of wind-cheating features to make the brake body more aerodynamic, helping you keep your speed until the moment you are ready. The new patented AeroLink™ arm reduces frontal area while improving braking performance and modulation. The brake body has been sculpted to provide a sleek aerodynamic profile to the wind. Even the smallest details, like the barrel adjuster, point away from the wind. And to finish off the package, SwissStop© Flash Pro pads come standard with the brake. It is a better brake in every way.

- AeroLink™ arm amplifies braking power while reducing frontal area
- Aero design extends to the shape of the indexed four-position quick release, the bladed barrel adjuster, low-profile pinch bolts, and recessed spring tension adjusters
- Wider clearance for modern wheelsets
- Lighter, aero pad retainers carry SwissStop© Flash Pro pads standard

XG 1090 Cassette

The new SRAM Red Powerdome X™ is the most advanced cassette ever made. It is super light, deadly silent, and delivers an undeniable performance advantage. The eight cogs in the middle are machined from a single block of high grade tool steel, increasing stiffness while weighing even less than a titanium cassette. Between each cog in the block is a StealthRing™ elastomer to reduce vibration and noise. Cutouts on the rear cog further reduce weight and add stiffness. It is the final piece in the drivetrain puzzle, paired with the new SRAM Red Rear Derailleur. It delivers ultra-fast, ultra-quiet shifts that will always put you in the right gear.

- Hollow steel dome makes for the stiffest gear cluster ever at the lightest weight
- Heat-treated, high-grade tool steel provide superlative durability and a beautiful finish
- StealthRing™ elastomer and advanced tooth profiles eliminate vibration and noise for a smooth, silent ride
- Aluminum cog: lighter, stiffer, stronger due to the choice of design, material and production process

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