Rudy Project Windmax
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The latest and greatest helmet from the guys at Rudy Project.


For the price, a slight reduction in the weight department wouldn't hurt our feelings (yes that's nitpicking).


Llightweight, comfortable, and well ventilated. We also like the streamlined design, it doesn't look or feel like a big boxy helmet, and the fit has a nice low profile.

We feel pretty fortunate to have gotten our hands on the Windmax way back in October. Since then, we've put the Windmax through the paces and overall it's a solid helmet (well actually it's quite the opposite, but you get the picture).

As you can see our sample helmet is the red/white option, there's also be a white/red option and a black/yellow option.

Claimed Weight
S-M 250g
M-L 270g

Not the absolute lightest we've tested but a very respectable entry in the weight department. As you can see actual weight of our sample without the bug screen or visors 226g.

With plenty of test rides under this helmet, overall comfort has been good. Even on long rides the Windmax gave us no major issues in the comfort department. The comfort of the new Rudy helmet is what we would call average for the most part. Meaning, that comfort was basically what you would expect in a high quality road helmet. It's plenty comfortable for as long as you'd need to wear it, but it also wasn't necessarily a standout in the comfort category.

There are two sets of pads that come with the Windmax and there's also an integrated mesh "bugstopper" if you choose to rock it. We chose to go net-less in our testing and removing the bug screen is simple, it Velcros in place of some of the regular padding.

We went with the standard padding which is nice and soft. Padding is actually pretty abundant and we haven't noticed any particular points of pain or areas that dig into our melon unnecessarily.

A pretty plush interior inside the new Windmax

The Windmax also features the Fastex buckle system and a padded chin strap for extra comfort, which is also easily removable if you prefer to go without it.

The straps on Windmax are attached to the outside body of the helmet instead of the inside of the helmet. Which seems to make for a better placement of the straps from a comfort standpoint. It puts the straps out to the side, away from your head giving them more clearance. It also keeps them away from the area of the inner adjustment ring where they could possibly rub or interfere with comfort.

Adjusting the fit is simple using the R.S.R. 8 disc, a disc retention system similar to what many helmets use these days. One handed adjustments on-the-fly are easy to manage and the disc is easy find and easy to adjust.

In addition to the rear retention system, there's also a 3 position height adjustment to get the right fit. The Windmax sits nice and low and it has an overall compact feel to it, we really like the way it rides...kinda on the down low, so to speak.

The Windmax has 21 pretty generous air vents. The ventilation was more than adequate in our testing and it was air flow aplenty for the most part.

The front view of the Windmax and the intake vents.

The rear view of the exhaust vents.

The fit and finish of our sample appear to be typical Rudy quality.

The Windmax will be available in S-M (54-58cm) or M-L (58-62cm) size options. Our sample is a S-M which is what we wear in the Wingspan, but the Windmax seems to fit a little more snug. If you are borderline we would certainly recommend sizing up.

Price Range
Definitely at the top of the price range. Rudy is always good about specials and discounts so check their site for deals.

TriBomb Bottom Line
The Windmax would make a nice addition to any cycling closet. The best part about this helmet in our opinion is the lightweight low profile "head hugging" design.

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