Aqua Sphere Energize SpeedSuit
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A WTC legal speedsuit with added compression.


Reverse zipper or break away.


A cool looking option to add to the list of WTC legal speedsuits, with the bonus of compression.

Detailed Review

Aquasphere launched the Energize swim line late in 2011. It is composed of swim training suits, triathlon suits, as well as the WTC legal Speed Suit. We do realize it's not really the time of year when everyone is busting out open water swims on a daily basis, but it doesn't hurt to plan ahead in terms of having a speed suit on hand in case the official at your favorite race forgets his magic thermometer.

To be honest, with the restrictions on speed suits imposed by the new WTC regulations, all of the new legal suits are very similar. The buoyancy that was once a feature or promise of many is long gone as they now have one purpose, which is to provide a slick surface to help you glide through the water with as little resistance as possible.

Aquasphere went an extra step with the Energize suit by adding compression. At a claimed rating of 15mmHg, The suit is intended to compress the core of your body to help you swim in a more streamline position. We say take that with a grain of salt, if your position sucks without the suit, it's still going to suck while wearing the suit. It does make sense that the added support from the compression might slightly help with fatigue for longer distance races such as 70.3s and up, but we have yet to test it during a race.

Silicone leg grippers do a good job of keeping the legs of the suit in place.

Nice long strap to easily get out of the suit.

Specially placed panels for added compression and support throughout the core area.

Flat seams to prevent chafing and reduce drag.

Aquasphere insisted on going with the suggested size off of the chart below to ensure a snug fit. The purpose of the suit afterall is to provide compression. And we can attest, if you follow the chart, you will get compression. So choose wisely.

TriBomb Bottom Line
The Energize speed suit is a nice suit from a well know company in the swim industry. You can't go wrong choosing this suit as your wetsuit alternative.

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