Profile Design Sync Hydration Belt
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A completely new hydration belt system from a company who knows a thing or two about hydration.


A slight modification to the "turn and lock" design to ensure the bottle is locked into place.


A super adjustable and comfortable hydration belt that will get you through many a lonely training mile.

Detailed Review

Profile Design knows a thing or two about hydration products. In fact, there aren't too many companies out there that have as many products designed to keep you hydrated as Profile Design. They make a plethora of products from bottle cages to integrated aero hydration systems. For years PD has made just about every kind of contraption imaginable to bolt or strap to your bike to keep thirst at bay, but that's where they they stopped with the bike...that is...til now.

We gave you a sneak peak of the brand new Sync hydration belt from Interbike back in September, and since then we've had the opportunity to get to know this belt inside and out. We live and train in a somewhat rural area, so there are many times when we are running off the beaten path, where there's not a convenient place to stop for a drink. A belt like the Sync can be a welcome addition to your training arsenal where hydration is always on hand. It's also a good way to get used to hydrating on the run for when race time rolls around and you are (hopefully) flying through aid stations without missing a beat.

The Sync belt is the Profile Design version of a flexible, adjustable, hydration belt. This belt features a comfortable elastic belt and is designed to accommodate single handed-operation.

A nice selection of color choices to match up with your favorite tri wardrobe.

The Sync comes with 2 - 8oz BPA free bottles. Each bottle is equipped with "no-leak" caps which did indeed prove not to leak.

The bottles are also clearly labeled on the back, for those obsessive types.

Below is the front and back of each bracket that holds the bottle.

The textured pads are injected with EVA Foam. They not only help to keep the belt in place, they are also quite comfortable.

The Sync is designed for "one hand" entry and exit of the bottles. It is basically a 2 step process. Insert the bottle in the bracket and twist to lock it in.

The bottle "locked" in.

The Sync did take a little getting used to for us from the standpoint of actually getting the bottles locked in while running. Not that it's rocket science, or anything, just something to note. The actual action used to lock and unlock the bottle is more of a twisting or rocking type of motion. For us, the bottle is a snap to disengage, a simple twist of the wrist will free the bottle from the cage that holds it. Going back in is a little more difficult, if things aren't lined up just right it can be difficult to tell when the bottle is in fact, locked into place.

The 2 piece brackets allow you to customize your belt however you'd like. The Velcro backed "plugs" are easily removed and repositioned anywhere on the belt. Once the brackets are in place, they stay in place very well, we had no issues with any unwanted bracket shifting.

You simply remove the back pad and slide the bracket to the desired location on the belt. Once you have the bracket where you like it, you place the pad on the back of the bracket and it will hold it in place.

Voila! You are all set. They are very simple to adjust as long as you aren't trying to do it while running. In our testing, the best position of the bottles for the least amount of bottle flop, is to position the brackets closer to the sides, or near the hip. This not only keeps the belt a little more secure, but it also makes for much easier entry and exit of the bottles.

The inside of the belt is all Velcro (the soft kind).

The sizing is pretty straight forward. However, with the flexibility of the Velcro buckling system and the elastic belt, you could probably go up a size if need be. We know PD had some issues with early pre-production sizing, in fact, our sample is a large (and we are not), but it fits like a small.

S - 31" (78cm)
M - 34" (86cm)
L - 37" (94)
XL - 40" (101cm)

Overall, very good, the belt is soft and elastic enough to give a little and at the same time stay in place while running. Even on long runs the belt proved to be nice and comfy.

Price Range
Competitively priced hydration belt.

TriBomb Bottom Line
For training purposes, the Sync is a comfortable and convenient solution to keep you hydrated without the hassle of carrying a bottle.

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