Podium Legs
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Podium Legs is one of the latest companies to jump on the compression boot bandwagon. The Podium Legs system works off the same general principal that other versions of "recovery boots" use. Basically by applying pressure from a pump to a boot or sleeve to increase blood flow and help remove lactic acid to speed recovery. You can choose from 4 power settings (we have yet to figure out what the mmHg rating for each setting is, but will have that in the final review). Podium Legs are considerably cheaper than their competitors, so we are anxious to put the system to the test and give you our thoughts.

First Look


A nice touch with the Podium Legs system is the remote, a feature you will appreciate if you've ever been trapped in one of these devices and needed to make an adjustment on the fly. A great idea that we feel every other brand out there could benefit from.

Hmmm.... We are going to have to figure out what these are and get back to you? (Any guesses? Golf shoes?)

The Podium boots are a little shorter than the others we've tested, more of a mid-thigh length for most people depending on how stumpy you are.

Easy entry/exit thanks to the full zip boots.

You can see the multi-chambered (4 chambers) boots and the corresponding supply hose for each.

Check back soon for our in-depth review of Podium Legs after we have had some time to put them to the test.

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