Scape Athlete Sunblock
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One of the most scientifically formulated skin care products designed with triathletes in mind.


A spray on application (which is supposedly coming soon) and more availability.


This is the best of the best when it comes to sunblock that will last all day regardless of the conditions.

Detailed Review

Scape skin care products are relatively new to the triathlon scene. We are not ones to buy into the pro athlete endorsement, but since partnering with Craig Alexander, their exposure has dramatically increased. Hey, that is what happens when you partner with a 2X Kona champ and all around good guy.

Now to the important stuff. Scape was founded by Dr. Nic Martens. Dr. Martens is a very smart man with a very specific background and a passion for outdoor sports. Pretty much the perfect combination of traits for someone designing a skin care product line for triathletes and the like. He holds a PhD in biochemistry from the University of Cambridge in the UK and spent 13 years developing specialty products for Johnson and Johnson. He took this experience and knowledge and used it to develop some of the best sunblock we have ever tried.

According to their website, Dr. Martens has gone through over 50 formulations before coming up with the current product His motto is "Science Based - Athlete Proven". And we would agree that he is living by this motto.

The Scape Athlete Sunblock comes in a SPF 30+ and SPF 50+ (for all you whities, or smart people who don't want skin cancer). The Face Stick is SPF 50+. We know it is sometimes, OK, almost always doubtful that the charts on manufacturers websites represent studies that were not a little skewed to the product. But, since we have tested this product for over 6 months in all types of conditions, we feel comfortable posting the charts below:

As you can see, Scape Sunblock is shown to be 5X more waterproof and provide a higher UVA protection level. We don't know what brands they are comparing them to, but this holds true with all of the other products we have tried. According the Scape the Antioxidants in the sunblock remove free radicals from your skin for cellular protection. Basically, this is a fancy way of saying the sunblock allows you to sweat which keeps your body's cooling system working. And this claim is correct as well. We have been very pleased with this aspect of the sunblock.

Price Range
The Scape skin care line is moderately priced compared to other sunblock products.

TriBomb Bottom Line
One of the best sun screen products on the market that will stay on all day through the swim and sweat of an ironman.

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