First Endurance Pre Race Capsules
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A capsule version of the PreRace formula.


These capsules to NOT end up in the hands of our competition.


If there is such a thing as a "magic pill" to give your training and racing a boost, this is about the closest thing we've found.

Detailed Review

Well, we have put this review off as long as possible in hopes of minimizing exposure of this product so that we could keep it as our "secret" weapon. But, the quality products that First Endurance churns out have earned them many loyal followers, most of which have been chomping at the bit for the PreRace capsules to be released just like us.

The PreRace formula is a potent and now proven product that has worked well for many athletes, but the main disadvantage has always been the inconvenience of the powder only option. Sure, you can mix a prerace drink to sip on, but capsules just make more sense for ease of use out on the course.

First, our standard TriBomb disclaimer on any type of nutritional review. You aren't going to find a TriBomb review on any nutritional product filled with scientific information or clinical trials. We are here to give you our opinion on testing the products in the real world in a real environment (aka the race course).

We have been using the new capsules since the "prototype" was first released. The first thing you notice is the capsule makes this product much more convenient. We do realize the capsules are intended for racing or occasionally for harder training days, but since we were testing them, we tried them in about every situation we could think of.

Consuming 1 serving 20-30 minutes before a 4-5k swim proved to be a very nice choice for us. The controlled release of the PreRace formula won't have your mind racing (or it didn't ours) while you are knocking out laps. It will give you that extra boost (from the caffeine as well as a few other potent ingredients) to get through a swim that you might have faded off during otherwise.

Well, let's just say, due to the weather we have still been doing a LOT of indoor riding. And, the bottle of PreRace capsules has stayed within close reach of the trainer. We all know how dreaded the trainer can be at times. Not with PreRace capsules. We aren't saying you should use them for every ride, but they sure can turn a mediocre trainer ride into a super productive session. We tried with caffeine before rides, without caffeine before rides, you name it, we tried it. With the capsules you don't have to have a drink mixed up in case you start fading. They helped us get through many 3+ hour training rides.

Same experience as swimming and biking. The capsules seem to just work when you need them. No jittery feelings or anxiety, just focus and energy. We also had no bad bathroom emergency experiences from the caffeine, etc, which is nice to know come race day. But, you should always try them out for yourself.

Now with all of that said, we aren't trying to sound like a commercial for this product, even though we do. In all of our testing, PreRace Caps were consistent and always provided the same result. With multiple testers as well as repeated testing for a long duration, it seems that the placebo effect can easily be ruled out.

As you can see below from the nutrition label (it's not posted on the First Endurance website yet), the PreRace Capsules offer basically the same ingredients as the powder form.

We did notice that 1 serving of the capsules offers 100mg of caffeine vs the powder which has 200mg per serving, but the servings had to be adjusted a bit between products. Here is a little better explanation from Robert Kunz of First Endurance:

"The bottom line is that our athletes felt pretty strongly that they did not want to take more than about 3-4 capsules at one time. The Powder formula would have required 8-9 capsules, so it left us having to adjust the formula a bit. We pulled back a bit of the neuro-blend ingredients and offered a good dose of those other ingredients that work in synergy with the caffeine. Furthermore the feedback we got on the powder was that it was really, really potent. So, making the capsules a bit milder was the right way to go. The capsules recommend 3 capsules per serving which is approximately equivalent to 1/2 scoop of the powder."

Always nice to see a company listening to its athletes/customers and developing/adapting a product to fit their needs.

TriBomb Bottom Line
PreRace Capsules are a must have to maximize your performance on race day.

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