DZ Nuts
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A 4 oz tube of high viscosity chamois cream that is designed to "Protect Your Junk". There's even a lady business version these days, we will just leave it at that...nuff said.


A cheaper price on this and other high quality chamois creams.


A great chamois cream that makes those long, hard (sorry, I couldn't help myself) days in the saddle a little more tolerable. Plus it's just fun to say, deeeez nuts!

Detailed Review

Designed for Dave Zabriskie (if you don't know him you are probably on the wrong site) by a pharmaceutical scientist to combat chaffing and saddle sores. Apparently, Dave has a long history of problems in the saddle discomfort area. We figured if it's good enough for Dave's man bits, it was certainly worth a TriBomb review. Besides, what other product review can we do that could afford us this much material for semi-inappropriate comments.

We like the convenience of the DZNUTS tube vs the typical jar. Not a big deal, but it's easier to travel with and there's something that just seems a little more sanitary about squeezing fresh lube from the tube.

DZNUTS lists their key ingredients as follows:

Tea Tree Oil
powerful anti-bacterial and anti-fungal
powerful anti-inflammatory and wound healing from traditional Chinese herbal medicine
Masterwort (Peucedanum Ostruthium)
herb found in the Swiss Alps used by ancient Greeks for wound healing and calming properties -- Name means "Supreme Strength"

While we're not sure this herbal concoction actually does all it claims, overall the stuff worked pretty very well for us. Chamois creams in general do not bode well in triathlon in our experience, you know, the whole swim first aspect tends to wash water-based products away. The real value of a chamois cream in our opinion isn't on race day anyway, it's during all those long training rides leading up to race day.

DZNUTS is pretty mild as chamois creams go. It has a little bit of a tingle to it, but not to the Ben-Gay, my crotch is on fire level of intensity that some have. We like the feel of it, it's not too greasy but it also seems to hold up nicely when in the saddle for extended periods.

Price Range
DZNUTS is priced pretty much right in the sweet spot of popular products in the chamois cream category.

TriBomb Bottom Line
TAINT no doubt about it, this stuff is Da Bomb!


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