Profile Design H2 Aero
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-Ability to carry a boat load of beverage (36 oz capacity).
-Mounting bracket attaches below the stem, allows for versatility in the cockpit.
-Allows you to hydrate without lifting a finger.
-Refillable on the fly.


-Weight (395g) Actual weight (420g)

Rapid Review

A little different style of review for more simplistic products. The quick and dirty version of our reviews. We give you the low down on gear in a straight to the point format.

The Profile Design H2 Aero is another entry into the front mounted hydration department. At TriBomb our preferred setup for this area of the bike is something like this.

We have tried many products and contraptions for this area of the bike and so far every time we end up back at square one...a good bottle cage and four zipties. Clean, simple, and effective. That being said, this is a review site, and we are always on the lookout for new products to test, plus we're open minded enough to give almost anything a try. The latest such device to get a TriBomb test run is the H2 Aero from Profile Design.

This particular hydration station is designed to carry a large quantity of fluid, in an aero shaped package, that mounts below the stem via an aluminum bracket. The mounting bracket allows you to attach the H2 Aero below the aero extensions which allows for some flexibility in your setup (a very narrow spacing of the bars for example).

The main challenge for anyone with a fairly aggressive position will be with getting the bottle to actually fit in the area between the bars and the front tire (especially if there's a traditional front brake assembly in that area). We had to resort to a road bike setup to actually test the H2 Aero.

The bracket itself worked in our tests, we didn't have problems with any unwanted bottle detachment. The hardware seems to be high quality and everything fit like it was supposed to. The water bottle itself attaches to the mounting bracket using spring loaded ball bearings that basically snap into place.

The parts list looks a little like a jigsaw puzzle, but the "ping pong balls" are designed to float inside the sleeve to help seal off the container and provide a leak free environment. This system also allows for easy refueling on the fly.

The problem we had with this design is that it didn't seal very well at all. The vibration from the road caused a bit of a shower to occur on all but the smoothest of surfaces. The bracket is very rigid which makes it very sturdy and strong but also makes it super susceptible to vibrations. It seemed like a great idea but it just didn't perform in our road testing.

Probably the complaint that that carried the most weight on our list was with respect to the weight of the H2 Aero itself.

Our scale shows 420g for the total package when empty. Compare that to a standard water bottle and cage, and this setup will easily tack on a 250-300g weight penalty depending on what combination you choose.

Price Range
Certainly not a selling point in our opinion, at roughly $140.00 you could easily purchase pretty much any cage or front mounted hydration product on the market and have enough funds left over to fill it with your favorite concoction.

The Verdict
We say pass on this one. There are many other options that we feel are superior to this particular setup. Maybe it works for a beginner who is uncomfortable with bike handling skills and doesn't want to have to reach for a drink. Or for the person who doesn't care about weight and just wants to be able to carry a Big Gulp amount of fluid. The noise alone is enough for us to bail on this one. If this type of hydration contraption is a "must have" for you, we feel there are better options available. For example, the regular Profile Design Aero Drink is a more functional product in our opinion and it's a fraction of the cost of the H2 Aero.

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