SLS3 Fobic Speedsuit
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A WTC approved speed suit that can double as a race suit as well.


The "tri pad" to be removed so it is strictly a speed suit.


Without any pockets, it would be difficult to use this as a race suit for anything longer than a sprint.

Detailed Review

SLS3 is a small specialty triathlon manufacturer of compression garments and race/training apparel, which is all "Made in the USA". We always enjoy testing products from companies that have such a passion for the sport. We received the Fobic Speed Suit a couple of months ago and have been putting it to the test.

The Fobic Speed Suit is interesting in that includes a "tri pad" so that the speed suit can be worn throughout the race. We will touch more on this later after going over some of the features of the suit.

The material the suit is constructed out of is pretty unique. It features a hydrophobic teflon coating that is intended to repel water. It's hard to judge by "feel" as to whether this suit glides through the water any faster than the other WTC legal speed suits on the market. But, we have to assume since the material has to be breathable enough to race in, that it might not be quite as repellent to water as some.

The all black suit had us questioning using the suit in the heat, but it didn't take long after testing it to see that the "Coldblack" technology really does work.

This is actually a finishing technique on the material that prevents it from heating up during sunlight exposure. By doing this, it also offers you the extra UV protection from wearing a darker color. We tested this suit in several 100+ F days, and didn't experience any extra discomfort from the darker colored suit.

The suit features a 10.5" inseam, which we appreciate, as we aren't fans of the "nut hugger - look at my quads - why not just wear a speedo" type suits.

Another nice detail to the suit, which many higher end garments feature, is the use of flatlock seams. The makes for a comfy next to skin feel and eliminates the possibility of rubbing/irritation.

The suit features a 17" back zipper as most speed suits do. If you do choose to use it as a race suit, this would allow you to get some extra ventilation.

And lastly, the antibacterial tri pad. The pad is very thin, but still provides just enough protection for shorter races.

We would recommend following the sizing recommendations of the manufacturer which are below.

Size Recommendations:
XS fits 5'1"-5'5"/110-135 lbs
S fits 5'5"-5'9"/130-155 lbs
M fits 5'9"-6'1"/150-175 lbs
L fits 6'1-6'5"/170-195 lbs
XL fits 6'3"-6'7"/190-215 lbs

Our tester was 5' 8" and 140 lbs and we received a size Medium, which was slightly too large. A small, as the sizing chart recommends, would have fit very well. Pictures of a size medium on our tester are below.

The first thing we noticed about the Fobic Speed Suit is the "tri pad", which allows you to utilize it as a race suit, eliminating the need for having a speed suit. However, in our opinion the lack of pockets and the rear zipper eliminates it as a sensible choice for most races (excluding ITU/sprints).

TriBomb Bottom Line
The SLS3 Fobic Speed Suit could be a great speed suit without the pad, or a great race suit with a front zipper and some added pockets. By trying to make it a dual use suit the functionality of the suit for use as either a race suit or a speed suit suffers greatly in our opinion.

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