Hammer Nutrition Perpetuem
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A powdered concoction of carbohydrates, soy protein, fats, and supposedly some other nutrients.


Better flavors and to actually hear from someone who can successfully use this as fuel for a longer event at a reasonable intensity.


This is not for us, or anyone we have talked to, for that matter. Maybe more suited for multi-day events where there is little to no intensity.

Detailed Review

Hammer Nutrition was one the pioneers in the endurance nutrition industry. The company was founded by Brian Frank as was first known as E-Caps later evolving into Hammer Nutrition. Steve Born also plays a large role in the company by authoring many of the newsletters and product information. That's your history lesson for the day.

Perpetuem is intended to be used specifically for multi-hour or multi-day events. So, you would think this would be the perfect choice for Ironman fueling. We simply have found this not to be true.

The basic ingredients in Perpetuem are carbohydrates (maltodextrin) (87% of total calories), soy protein (10% of total calories), and fat (from soybean lecithin). The 10% protein is what irritates (in more than one way) us about this product. We have found that in warm temperatures (which most races are) at a decent intensity (which you should always be racing at or above), that the body simply doesn't absorb this very well. We are definitely not scientists or nutritionists, but having tried Perpetuem in many, many different scenarios, we could never make it work. We understand the principle behind having the protein in the drink, but we think that may only be beneficial at a super low intensity, which we don't race at!

The full nutritional information is below:

The next subject we want to touch on is taste. If you are going to be drinking something for 5 hours, it is imperative that you like the taste so that it is easy to drink. We have our own names for the 4 flavors offered by Hammer, but no need to elaborate on that except to say they don't taste good!

Price Range
Perpetuem is fairly expensive, but it is in line with top of the line nutritional products.

TriBomb Bottom Line
Perpetuem does not sit well with us and you will not find it in our bottles.


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