S-Works+McLaren TT Helmet
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We knew something from Specialized was going to be debuted at the Tour, but we weren't quite sure what it would be. Well, now we know. The new S-WORKS+McLAREN TT HELMET was worn by several riders in the opening Prologue. No guarantees, but we are hoping we can get our hands on one of these soon so that we can provide a real review. In the meantime, feel free to drool over the pictures and drag charts in the gallery below the official press release.

JUNE 2012

Specialized is about to unveil a new chapter in our aerodynamics textbook. We are hours away from the pro tour debut of our second collaboration with McLaren: the S-Works + McLaren TT Helmet. This helmet is the fastest aerodynamic cycling helmet in the world. It is the result of an unprecedented investment in wind tunnel hours, computational fluid dynamic (CFD) modeling, and rider testing. With this project, we have taken our ability to measure and tune aerodynamics to a new level. This is not iteration: this is a breakthrough in how we will approach aerodynamics in the future.

When we first developed the Venge, we invested in a significant amount of wind tunnel testing. Those results paid off in dramatic victories, from its debut victory at Milan San Remo, to Boonen's recent win at Gent Wevelgem. Compared to the Venge, the S-Works + McLaren TT Helmet saw over double the investment in wind tunnel time alone. Through collaboration with McLaren, we have adopted new and better ways of interpreting data from the tunnels and from CFD analysis. Together, we were able to apply F1-winning aerodynamic knowledge and expertise to the unique needs of professional cycling, with the goal of making racers faster by reducing one of their greatest obstacles: air itself.

We introduced this helmet to an exclusive group of cycling and automotive racing media at the McLaren Technology Center on June 22nd, where they heard directly from Specialized and McLaren engineers who collaborated on this project. On June 30th, at the prologue of the Tour de France, the S-Works + McLaren TT Helmet will make its Pro Tour debut, worn by Omega-Pharma QuickStep riders Levi Leipheimer, and TT World Champion Tony Martin.

For riders seeking the ultimate in aerodynamics, this helmet will be available in extremely limited quantities in early 2013 through select Specialized dealers. But like the McLaren F1 race cars, which benefit from constant aerodynamic changes, the debut of this helmet does not represent the end of this project. It's only the beginning.

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