JIANI Sport Compression Socks
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Cycling and Running specific compression socks from a new (and more than likely, unfamiliar) company.


A U.S. Distributor... hopefully coming soon.


Regardless of brand recognition, these socks are on the same level as the product leaders in this category.

Detailed Review

We have to admit we were a bit skeptical when we were contacted by JIANI sport about reviewing their compressions socks. To be honest, no one around here had ever heard of them (which now that I think of it, isn't saying much). After exchanging emails and doing a little research we were pleasantly surprised to see that JIANA, based out of Taiwan (probably the same place some of the more "well known" socks are made), have been manufacturing compression garments for the medical and sports world since 1992.

Upon receiving the socks, we were immediately impressed with the material and construction. The material makeup of the running socks is 76% Nylon, 12% Coolmax, 12% Lycra while the makeup of the cycling socks is 60% Nylon, 24% Coolmax, 16% Lycra. The additional Coolmax in the cycling sock is intended to allow a little more airflow on the bike. Nylon is a very common material in compression socks, but we found the Coolmax / Lycra combination interesting. This makes for a very breathable and soft sock. It also seemed a tad easier to pull on than others.

Both of the cycling and running socks feature a graduated compression of 20-30 mmHg. You can see the detailed compression results from the lab below.

Even though they both feature similar compression profiles, you can see below that each one is designed for that particular sport.

We found the sizing chart to be pretty accurate.

Price Range
With a suggested retail price of $32, they are definitely priced right.

TriBomb Bottom Line
In the crowded market of compression garments, this little known company from Taiwan is on pace to compete with the biggest brands of compression socks.

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