Xlab Torpedo Mount
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A cool looking carbon plate with 4 Velcro straps that is supposed to provide the ultimate solution for mounting your water bottle horizontally between your aero bars.


The confirmation email from ebay saying someone has purchased this contraption that we were suckered into buying.


Four zip ties and the right bottle cage (which we will review soon) provide a much better solution than this product.

Detailed Review

We want to start off by saying that Xlab makes some great products, however the Torpedo Mount is not one of them.

It is completely understandable that they were trying to make a product to fit this setup, as its popularity has increase tremendously for many reasons. One of these reasons is being able to use a normal bottle that you can swap out at aid stations instead of trying to refill one of those vertical hydration setups. Another reason is that some wind tunnel tests have shown this particular setup to be as, or more aero than the vertical hydration setups since the bottle fills the gap nicely between your bars.

The Xlab Torpedo Mount includes the carbon plate, 4 silicone coated non-stretch (supposedly) straps, as well as the 2 bolts to secure the bottle cage of your choice. The entire setup, sans your bottle cage, is 36g. In theory, this product seems like a good idea as it will provide you with a secure place to mount your bottle between the aero bars, but it just simply isn't possible. After testing this on a couple of different bikes and many different setups, we know why they named it the Torpedo. Eventually any bottle you put in there, will be launched like a Torpedo.

It is just not possible to get the straps tight enough to provide a stable platform to mount your bottle on. Also, once you find the right bottle cage (which we will tell you about soon), you will realize there is no need for a silly platform, even if it is carbon!

Price Range
Expensive when you consider all you need are 4 zip ties.

TriBomb Bottom Line
A great idea, but a failed product. You can mount your bottle more securely for less money with an alternative method.


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