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An affordable set of aero wheels with quality components featuring depth options of 60mm or 90mm plus the option of a rear Disc out back.


Full carbon clincher options added to the lineup.


Charting new territory in terms of affordability within the aero wheel market.

Well, we have put several thousand miles on the first prototype and now the production FLO 60 Front and FLO 90 Rear wheels. We know people (some patiently and others not so patiently) have been waiting on our follow up review of this wheel. However, we felt it was important to put some decent mileage on them before offering our final thoughts.

Even though we had the prototype wheels, we also had to go through the pre-order process to get the production wheels. We are very aware that there were a few hiccups involved with this process, although they seemed to be all technical/hardware related. And since FLO knows what to expect now, we seriously doubt you will see the server timeout issues again. Even with these problems, Chris and Jon seem to have done an excellent job at reconciling the issues and getting everyone taken care of. We received our wheels with the first batch of orders.

We have been asked on several occasions to compare the FLO wheels to other brands of wheels. As far as aerodynamics are concerned, we don't have the budget to take any wheels to the wind tunnel. We do know that FLO used advanced CFD technology as well as significant testing at one of the most well known low speed wind tunnels around. The rims follow the latest trend of being very wide with the carbon fairing having a toroidal shape. As for true wind tunnel data, we will have to wait for a much richer independent company to publish those results (which doesn't happen very often).

As far as durability is concerned, we still think these wheels are built on as solid of a platform as you can get. Aluminum rims, Sapim CX ray spokes, and Vortex hubs (which are new to us). We don't have the luxury of smooth roads in our area, so we have used and abused these wheels with riders from 140 - 200 lbs. Structurally, the wheels are solid.

Well, solid except for the Rim Tape. There has been a recall on the Rim Tape due to a "bad run in production from the rim tape manufacturer". If your invoice number fits the below criteria, then please read this.

- Order # 129 thru 859
- Order # 1049 and 1050
- Invoice 1 thru Invoice 25

The guys at FLO are doing everything possible to get this resolved quickly, but have ran into a few snags with the CSPC process. It's a fairly cheap, simple fix for those that are affected, but for those who are going to wait, we are sure it won't be long before this is taken care of.

The black brake track definitely adds a nice touch to the appearance of the wheels when they are new. We had some concern about the black eventually rubbing off, but haven't experienced that after a LOT of riding. This is probably specific to your riding environment. In our hot, dry, and mostly dirty air, the black coating seems to have held up well.

We did notice the spoke holes in the carbon fairing on the prototype wheels to be rather large. (see below)


We were hoping and told that with the production version the holes would be smaller and they do seem to be a tad smaller.


As far as loudness, the production wheels do seem to be a tad quieter, but as expected with a carbon fairing type wheel, they do still make some noise. Some people like it and some don't, but in the end we hope you aren't buying your wheels based on the way they sound.

Price Range
We feel that the quality of wheel you get combined with a good aerodynamic design, that the FLOs are your best choice in this price range.

TriBomb Bottom Line
So far, so good with this new player in the bang for your buck aero wheel category. Our experience with FLO whels has been positive with the prototype and the production models.

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