Dash Cycles Stage.9 Saddle
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A sub 100 gram saddle.


A narrower option.


This is a top notch, very lightweight, well made saddle, but we were unable to get the fit factor dialed in.

We were pretty excited to get our hands on the Stage.9 Saddle from Dash Cycles. Albeit, it's not a "new" product, it's design and weight are on the cutting edge of the latest saddles.

Dash Cycles is small company based out of the "triathlon mecca", Boulder, CO. All of their products are designed and manufactured in-house, a quality that is seldom found these days. Their current product range is saddles and wheels (very light saddles and wheels), but we are sure there is more to come.

The first thing you will notice about the Stage.9, is that there really isn't that much to it.

The claimed weight for the Triple Layer padding is 99g. Our scale showed it to be slightly heavier. There is a Standard Layup option (for 85kg riders and less) that will save you 6g.

The Stage.9 saddle is all one-piece construction, which means no after-bonding. The rails are a combination of Carbon / Kevlar. They are 7mm round and offer roughly 75mm of clampable surface.

The saddle measures 245mm in length with the widest section being 115mm.

As you can see, the nose area of the saddle is still quite wide. Approximately 65mm.

Dash is now offering a custom color program on their saddles for no additional charge. This allows you to choose almost any cover, logo, rail color combination you can think of. The choices are below:

- Cover - White, Black, Blue, Pink
- Logo - White, Black, Red, Lime Green, Blue
- Rails - Black, Red, Blue, Yellow, Orange

We chose the white cover with the red logo. You can see some other options in the gallery below.

Hands (or Arses) On:
If there is one thing that is specific to the individual, it is definitely the saddle. There are so many variables that can determine the comfort, such as rider size, weight, position, and on and on. So, with that said, our overall rating on this saddle won't focus on specific comfort.

The majority of our testers did find this saddle to be a little "too wide" for comfort regardless of the position. The cutout in the middle of the seat does offer a nice relief compared to solid saddles. The padding, even on the triple layer, is very minimal, but that should be expected on a sub 100g saddle.

The nice thing about Dash Cycles, is the demo program. You pay $100 deposit (fully refundable) to try out the saddle for a couple of weeks. If you don't like it, send it back and all you are out is the shipping.

Price Range:
With a starting MSRP of $465, the Stage.9 is definitely at the top end of the spectrum.

TriBomb Bottom Line
We think the Stage.9 is a very well built, well designed saddle. And it is definitely one of the lightest on the market. Combine these features with the Demo program from Dash to ensure that the saddle works for you, then it only makes sense to include this in your choice for a top of the line saddle.

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